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Online pipe bundling and bagging machine

online pipe bundling and bagging machine is a comprehensive solution for both online and offline bundling and woven bag packing of PVC/PPR/HFPE pipes. This machine features a counting and shaping device, automatic pipe bundling, and more, providing businesses with an all-in-one solution for their pipe packaging needs. With the ability to customize the bundle diameter from 100-400mm, our online pip

Online pipe bundling and bagging machine


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This pipe bundling machine is an automatic pipe packing line, including pipe counting, feeding, storage, aligning, bundling, strapping, conveying, etc.
It is a set of efficient, convenient and safe wrapping machinery for pipe bundle packaging. It can greatly improve the work efficiency with small labor cost.

1, Pipe in feeding from extruder
2, Counting the number of the pipes by program
3, Storage the pipe
4, Accumulate and array the pipes
5, Aligning the pipe bundle
6, Bundling & strapping the pipe bundle by stretch film
7, Strapped pipe bundle shift to bagging station
8, Automatic baggine and package out-feeding
Automatic pipe bundling machine JL-CX6000
1. Storage & Feeding system
It is for pipe storage to ensure uninterrupted working. The pipe lifter is for lifting the orderly pipe from basket and counting for bundling preparation.
Controlled by PLC program.
Both online and offline bundling
Pipe accumulation and storage station.
Pipe lifter for lifting the pipes.
Pipe counting device.
Defective recycle storage device.
Sensor for positioning and detecting.
Precise pipe counting system.
Buffer zone for more pipe feeding.
Pipe lifting one by one automatically.
Three position strapping
Technical data:
Online pipe bundling and bagging machine 
Note: 6m is an option

No. Items Data
1 Bundle OD Φ160-Φ250
2 Pipe diameter(OD) Φ20mm-Φ50mm
3 Pipe length 2,3&4meters
4 Counting mode Automatic, by program setting
5 Bundling speed App. >1bundle/min
6 Lifting speed Max.50-60 pcs/min
7 Pipe bundle weight 5-50kg
8 Strapping material LLDPE stretch film
Note: Non-straight pipe may need manually assistant in feeding
2. Film strapping machine
Automatic pipes accumulating, aligning, stringing, bundling, strapping system.
One strapping head for three place strapping.
PLC&HMI program control for automatic operation.
Pipe aligning device for keeping the orderly ends.
Pieces of pipe per bundle are changeable.
Ring speed and roller speed are adjustable by convertor.
Both manual and automatic working mode can be chose.
Strapping belt tension is adjustable per requirement.
Strapping position reset.
Strapped with stretch film.
Accumulation and array the pipes automatically.
Automatic bagging machine
It is a bagging solution for putting/filling pipe bundle into bag, which is connected to the bundling machine for bagging.
PLC and HMI control system is easy and safe for the operator’s operation.
Automatic packing material feeding system.
Automatic bag mouse opening.
Automatically bagging the pipe bundle.
Automatically cut both ends of the bag and seal them fully and nicely.
Easy and quick -change packing material –bag roll unit.
Constant temperature heat sealing and cutting system is suitable for the packing material.
Smokeless sealing and packing material residual free.
Bagging speed is fast and effective.
Package is pretty nice and tidy with good protection effect.
Guardrails sensors and guidance for operation safety.
The menu of touch screen is in English.
Note: For better packaging, it is better choose different size bag very from pipe bundle
Technical data:
No. Items Data
1 Packaging material PP/HDPE/PE
2 Material thickness 80-160micron
3 Pipe length 4mm
4 Bag size OD: 300mm
5 Feeding mode Automatic
6 Air supply 5-7bar
7 Bagging speed >1 bundle per min
8 Power supply 380v 3phase 50Hz



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