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Steel tube pipes bundling and stacking packing line machine

FHOPE Bundling Station handles and bundle making the pipe or hollow structural sections into bundles sized which designed according to the product size. The line is fully automated and controlled from a touch screen operator station.  The Bundling machine builds the programmed configuration and fully contains the sides to maintain the shape until strapping is completed. Once completed, a lateral transfer system stages the bundles onto an unloading table for their final transfer. 
Automatiac steel pipe bundle packing line | Magnetic

Run out roller conveyor, Rejection kicking,waster pipes collection system>>>> Tube Picking up &air blower piece by piece >>>>Tube aligning&counting&rectangular tube auto detected flipped 90 degrees >>>> Tube row layering >>>>>Tube pipe bundling>>>>>Shifting bundle to conveyor>>>>Tube bundle strapping(manual strap)>>>>>Bundling air blower >>>>>Auto bundles out-loading conveyor >>>>> 5 bundles chain stacking.

Automatiac steel pipe bundle packing line | Magnetic

1)Electromagnetic chuck type row stacking layers bundling system.
2)The forming device is adjustable per different bundle shape.
3)The tube move to bundling position by pushing;
4)The tube stacking stopper pushes out;
5)Tube bundling stopper pushes out and clamps the tube row tightly;
6)Supporting forks reset;
7)The tube bundling stopper pushes out to protect the tube bundle well from loosening.

1 Loading, counting, aligning, tube-layer forming and forming mechanism 
Tube-layer is formed, This procedure consists of the following: loading, aligning, counting, tube-layer forming, tube-layer conveyed to bundle forming-bed, bundle forming-bed conveyed to bundle carrier, and so on. 
2 Loading and aligning. 
Single tube is conveyed to storage area by pushing.  Sensor signals control roller way’s movement. The striker plate’s location determines the aligning end position. 
3 Counting. 
After loading and aligning, a kick-out device “kicks” tubes one by one to a layer forming bench (chain). The photoelectric cell takes count at each “kick”. When the counting reach a required number, a particular layer is formed. Then the system resets the counter to zero to be ready for counting the next group. 
4 Tube bundle forming 
Carry tubes one by one from alignment roller way to tube-layer forming position. 
After the layer is put into the forming-bed, firstly, the bed declines for a certain Technical Annex Object: Tubes Automatic Forming Equipment 
5 Electric control system 
The electric control system is used to manage and track the whole working procedures, to transform information from each working position and to display and manage data.The control system has three working modes: automatic, semi-automatic and manual. 
The basic features of the electric control system are as follows. 
Centralized management and decentralized control. PLC automatically manages some parts of the system. 


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