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Automatic Plastic Pipe bundle making and bagging machine

Automatic plastic tube bundle bagging machines are designed to include both offline strapping stations and bagging stations, providing businesses with a comprehensive and efficient solution for their tube packaging needs. This machine is advanced and features reliable performance, streamlining the packaging process and increasing productivity. With its offline strapping and bagging stations, our a

Automatic plastic pipe bundle making and bagging machine


Automatic plastic pipe bundle making and bagging machine-1 Automatic plastic pipe bundle making and bagging machine-2 Automatic plastic pipe bundle making and bagging machine-manufacturer Automatic plastic pipe bundle making and bagging machine-for sale

Automatic plastic pipe bundling and bagging machine includes the offline bundling station and bagging station.
Basic characters:
Touch screen for operation.
All connection parts are rubber/nylon to protect the surface of the pipe
Automatic pipe feeding one by one
Pipe bundle size: OD 160-260mm
Pipe bundling machine
It is for pipe storage to ensure uninterrupted working. The pipe lifter is for lifting the orderly pipe from basket and counting for bundling preparation.
Connecting with extruder or production line.
Pipe accumulation and storage station.
Pipe lifter for lifting the pipe.
It designed for size of pipe OD-Φ15.9mm-60mm.
Pipe length2,3,5&6 meters.
Pipe counting device.
Defective recycle storage device.
Sensor for positioning and detecting.
Precise pipe counting system.
Buffer zone for more pipe feeding.
Pipe lifting one by one automatically.
Pipe bagging machine
It is equipment for pipe packing with bag making and bag sealing in high speed. Easy operation and handing.
Basic characters:
Automatic PLC program control.
Automatic bag sealing.
The action time in packing is adjustable for difference packing purpose.
Program for precise running.
Manual and automatic working mode for easy operation.
The inverters for adjusting the speed.
Precise temperature control for sealing.
Sensor and mechanical limiting stopper for safety.
Motor overcurrent protection.                                             
The bagging size could be adjusted for different OD of the pipe.
Automatic film feeding system.
Automatic entrance conveyor system and outlet conveyor system.
Constant temperature heat sealing and cutting system is suitable for film.
Smokeless sealing and packing material residual free.
Material change easily.
The menu of the control screen is in English.
Technical data:

No. Items Data
1 Packaging material PE/HDPE film
2 Material OD: 150-250mm
ID: 75mm
Thickness: 30-60micron
3 Pipe length 3000mm
4 Pipe bundle size OD:160 -250mm
6 Air supply 5-7 bar
7 Power supply 380v 3p 60Hz
 Pipe out-feeding station
Station is for out-feeding the bagged pipes to aggregate frame one by one automatically.
Basic characters:
Pipe conveyed to aggregate frame automatically.
Automatic pipe out feed one by one.



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