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This machine is more like a Advanced equipment for profile wrapping. It could be used for wrapping with paper and entensive film, but tapping is another flash point of it. The tapping process starts while is profile moving and wrapping. The whole movement is automatic controlled by the system.
Three to four wrapping station perform the strapping process, profile bundles are loaded to the platform by workers. Automatic positioning before strapping. The lifter load the bundles one by one after strapping is down.The ring rotates and holds the roll of wrapping film which is supported by a mandrel with specially clutch designed to maintain the tension constant until the roll is finished. The speed is regulated by means of an electronic inverter. An automatic device senses when the roll has run out or wrapping material tears, bringing the machine to a complete stop and warning the operator. Machine designed to operate in “start and stop” mode with a blade cutting the wrapping material at the end of the each wrapping cycle. Times can be set according to your needs.
The front reinforced transfer belts are designed to transport the Sub-Bundles to the in-feed Roller Table of Sub-bundle wrapping machine. The belt deposits the packs solely if the roller table is occupied.
 High speed aluminum profile wrapping machine

Powered roller table is for the transportation of the profiles in and out of the sub-bundle wrapping machine. The in-feed roller table is outfitted with centering rollers to maintain the profiles centered on the roller table prior to entering the wrapping machine. Spiral wrapping machine designed to wrap sub-bundles using 25 micron thick of stretch film. The wrapping operation is fully automatic. The ring starts automatically. Once the ring has done two or more turns, the transfer rollers transport the profiles until the wrapping operation is finished. At this point a mechanical hand holds and cuts the wrapping material, allowing for the exit of the profile. Material draw-back device ensures constant tension of wrapping material. The coated rollers will protect your profile from damages and the entire operation is fully-automatic. 
This is a tapping device for end tapping the aluminum package in ends, to avoid the paper lose after cutting. This part connects to profile wrapping machine for online packaging. The tape banding is synchronized with wrapping.


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Orbital stretch wrapping machine