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Wire coil packaging line | wire compressing strapping machine

Automatic wire coil packaging line is designed for the wire industry around the world, featuring a film and paper automatic cutting and feeding system. This special coil wrapping machine is designed with a conveyor, providing businesses with a comprehensive and efficient solution for their wire coil packaging needs. With its advanced features and reliable performance, our automatic wire coil packa

Wire Coil Packaging line


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Automatic wire coil packaging line including two wrapping station for film packaging and paper wrapping with infeeding and out feeding conveyor. Automatic coil strapping machine and coil stacker & pallet wrapping machine can be add on this line for unmanned operation. It can be connected with production line. Following is the video shows the automatic operation process.

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Specification designing of  Wire Coils Packing Line is capable ensure your maximum high packaging speed requirement. Automatic solution  is achieved without gap for the unmanned operation.                                                                          
#Wire Coils Packaging Lines technical feature:
1. The machine will be designed per different size, weight and packaging material...
2. The packaging line can be designed with your layout and factory space.
3. After service including installation, commissioning and training...will be done by our engineer.
4. Automatic PLC&HMI control system for online packaging.
5. Different packing material available for nice packaging.



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