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Vertical coil packaging line

Automatic steel coil packaging system/metal coil packaging line is designed for the steel industry and is available at Fhope in China. This packaging line features a turnstile, coil upender, wrapping machine, and more, providing businesses with an all-in-one solution for their automatic slitted coil packaging needs. With advanced features and reliable performance, our automatic steel coil packagin

Vertical coil packaging line


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The steel coil packaging line is a vertical model solution specially designed for steel coil,copper coil, wire coil and alum coil...Strapping and weighing equipments can be added into packaging line.

The control system consists of two parts: electric control cabinet and operation platform. Each part can also be operated manually.


1.Coil Turnstile: connecting with coil car for auto loading slit coils.
2.Coil car: Auto moving coil for packaging loading and unloading.
3.Down ender: Picking slit coils from turnstile and changing coil from vertical to horizontal conveyors.
4.Strapping machine:  Can strap coil through ID with PET/PE/steel belt.
5.Coil wrapping machine:Through coil eye cross wrapping with different packing material.
6.Coil Stacking machine: For finished coils moving and and storage the packed coils on pallet.



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