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Down Ender for coil packaging line

Down Ender for coil packaging line


Automatic down ender is a equipment which can be connecting to coil slitting line for automatic coil taking and handling.
The strip coil shift from slitting line to turnstile and ready for next operation. Down ender is for taking the strip coil from turnstile and change coil from vertical to horizontal type. And than the down ender with roller conveyor is able to conveying the strip coil for   strapping and wrapping machine.
Technical date:
Coil size: OD:600-1600mm   Width:10-400mm   ID;508/610mm  Weight:10-2500kg
Hydraulic supply:140Bar
Power supply: Per you requirement.
Handling speed: 20-30sec/pcs



Down Ender for coil packaging line


#Coils Down ender technical feature and designing depends on several issues:
Down ender are more compact and less expensive than traditional coil handling solutions. Our coil handling technology uses simplified modular designs for reliability and flexibility. Coil down ender are engineered to be durable, easy to use, easy to maintain and the safest for heavy coil handling on the steel packaging. Fhope offers both coil handling and packaging line solutions.
#When designing the solution of a Coils down ender: our technical team have the rich experience to get rid of  the problem in order to meet your packaging goal.



Down Ender for coil packaging lineDown Ender for coil packaging line

Turnstile                                                                Down ender

Down Ender for coil packaging lineDown Ender for coil packaging line

Coil strapping machine                                      Coil pallet stacker



Coil Turnstile: For connecting with coil car for loading  the slit coil.

Coil down ender: For picking the slit coil from turnstile and changing coil from vertical to horizontal and moving to conveyor.

Coil strapping machine:  For coil strapping by PET/PE/steel belt.

Coil wrapping machine: For coil eye cross wrapping with packing material.

Coil Stacking machine: For  moving and and storage the packed coil on pallet.

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