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Bundling Stretch Film


Bundling stretch film also called bundling stretch wrap or banding stretch film is great for a variety of uses, to fix small items together and can save time and cash replacing heavier and more expensive packaging products. Factually, 1-5 inches is often referred to as bundling stretch film or banding stretch film. Users commonly choose bundling stretch wrap instead of tape to ensure items gather bundled. Different from tape and twine, bundling stretch film won’t stick to the product or leave surplus. And bundling film is excellent for stabilizing smaller product working capacity. Light, small and easy to handle rolls empower efficient bundling and applying. Ideal for bundling wood, PVC pipe, and some cylindrical items, and multiple boxes for transport and shipping. Many of our clients use our 2in., 3 in., and 5 in. Sizes. To offer you various bundling stretch wrap great for different job applications, options include these film sizes:



Bundling Stretch Film/W One Disposable Dispenser

It’s our standard gauged stretch film which can be comparable to any gauged stretch film from other manufacturers. We often provide 2-5 inch widths and available in multiple thicknesses.


Many advantages can be offered by our bundling stretch film over other packaging methods. Here are benefits for your applications. Instead of tape without leaving any residue, be less costly than tape, strapping and twine, and protect loads during transporting.



Width: 2’’ 3’’ 4’’ 5’’

Gauge: 80/90/115/120/135/150

Length: 650’ 700’ 1000’

Weight: 15/16/17/19lbs



All medium to small items packaging needs



Hybrid Bundling Stretch Film 环保型的 省材料

Our new line of hybrid bundling stretch film can be recognized as the best cost and waste saving option. It’s a different formula than true 80 gauge stretch film. Hybrid bundling stretch wrap  can offer you a ability of downing gauge when maintaining a powerful and durable wrap.



Hybrid bundling film offers greater load retention, with increased transparent and stretch resistance than 80 gauge bundling film. It can also be stiffer and more powerful than conventional bundling films, so there's less shifting on the road, permitting you to apply lighter gauges and fewer bundling films per load. Because of Hybrid 80 bundling film’s resiliency, you can use less bundling film, having a smaller sized carbon footprint, in a 19%-34% decrease in cost per situation of traditional gauged bundling film.



Width: 2’’ 3’’ 5’’

Length: 1000’

Micron: 12

Weight: 13 15 17



All medium to small items packaging needs



Extended Core Bundling Stretch Film

Ideal for anyone is ready for using and bundling out of the box. The extended core handles are really sturdy and ensure quick and easy use. You can experience faster and more economical to use than twining and strapping, for it’s fully ready-to-use out of the box.



Good cling ability.

Super convenient to use.

No leaving a residue on your items.

1" diameter extended core for easy handling and gripping.

Wrapping small loads together and multiple boxes together.

Great load retention, and combining items for freight consolidation.

5" lengthy, disposable handle is made into each roll of extended core bundling stretch film.



Width: 3’’ 5’’

Gauge: 80,90,100,115,135

Length: 650’ 700’ 1000’

Weight: 16, 17, 21, 25, 27lbs



Wrap pallet loads. Bundle small items. Use as a tape.


Pre Stretched Bundling Stretch Film (3’’ core)

A fantastic choice for lighter loads. The pre extended bundling film is really a standard 80 gauge stretch film extended As much as 90% of their maximum stretch capacity. This enables customers to expend less energy when using over traditional stretch film.



Pre stretch bundling film offers several benefits over traditional stretch film. The main benefit to pre stretch film is equal or elevated load stability with less film used. That equals lower packaging costs. Other benefits are followed up.

A firm hold

Lighter Rolls.

Clear cast film.

Easy identification.

Lower packaging cost.

Consistent wrapping tension.

Less energy needed to apply.



Width: 2’’ 3’’ 5’’

Length: 1000’ 2000’

Weight: 13, 15, 17, 26, 30lbs



Lighter loads



 Colored Bundling Film

Colored bundling film is a superb method to color code and rapidly identify deliveries.  and many companies can benefit from colored bundling film instead of tape and plastic banding to carry boxes together for shipping. Colored bundling film offers advantages over obvious film. With a number of colors to select from, companies can color code deliveries for simple identification. Items being transported to different locations may also be color coded for faster identification and shipping.



We provide bundling film in a multitude of colors to select from. Our black and white-colored opaque bundling film is ideal for camouflaging load contents. Costly loads could be better protected utilizing a film that covers the items in the burden. The non-transparent bundling film improves the film strength and durability in sunlight, reduce light exposure.



Width: 3’’ 5’’

Length: 1000’

Weight: 17.5, 20lbs



Small items packaging needs.


Auto bundling rolls

Our auto bundling rolls are large 4,000 - 5,000 foot. rolls for bundling machines. We provide different dimensions and thicknesses available on our web.



Auto bundling rolls are perfect for any orbital wrapper. Be used for carpet, wood, and other items. All rolls are on 3 inch cores available.



Width: 3’’ 5’’ 10’’

Gauge: 80,120

Length: 4000’ 5000’

Weight: 5, 6, 8, 10, 18, 20lbs


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