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EPS packing machine

Horizontal stretch Wrapper Station:
  • Double-ring & double-rub wheel devices make working more safe stable & energetic.
  • Friction between driving wheels and ring is adjustable.
  • Speed of the ring is adjustable by inverter.
  • Soft start and start.
  • Wrapping position reset.
  • Packing material tension could be adjusted.
  • Widely packing material adopted by material frame.
  • Protect guardrail for safety operation.
  • Overlapping is adjustable from 10%-90%
  • Four-ring & double-PU wheel devices make working more safe, stable & energetic.
  • Film tension is adjustable.
EPS packing machineEPS packing machine
Conveyor System:
  • PVC belt conveyors for protecting the surface of the product
  • Automatic entrance conveyor system and outlet conveyor system.
  • Conveyor adjustment by invertors.
  • Conveyors drive by motor with gear box.
  • Speed of the conveyors is adjustable by inverter.
  • Sensor detecting the objects for operation action.
 EPS packing machine

Automatic wrapping protective System:
  • Automatic protective devices are able to avoid EPS package shaking in wrapping.
  • Pressing down device and supportive rollers for fix the packaging position.
  • The action time is adjustable for difference packing purpose.
  • Two sets of press down device.  
  • Two sets of the right and left protecting device
PLC&HMI control system:
  • PLC and program make EPS packing machine able to do automatic wrapping according to your packing goal.
  • Photocell sensor is adapted for setting the packing position.
  • Indicator alarms automatically when trouble occurs. Trouble can be shown automatically by touchscreen.
  • The separate control panel makes operation & maintenance easily.
  • Interface operation.
  • Two modes for different material packing.
EPS packing machine
Automatic mechanical feeding&cutting system(optional):
  • It makes machinery automatic operation.
  • Automatic material feeding for film.
  • Automatic material heating cutting for film.
 EPS packing machineEPS packing machine

Length of the conveyor (Optional)
  • Length of the conveyor is optional for your requirement.
Technical parameter:
Object size:
       Width:1000-1250mm  Height:600-1200mm      Length:>2000mm
Entrance conveyer length: 3000mm with motor
Outlet conveyer length: 3000mm with motor
Speed: 4~11m/min
Ring speed: 20-60r/min
Power output: about 3.5kw
Power voltage: AC 220v,60Hz, 3phase
LLDPE stretch film/PE film/knit belt/paper
Width: 200-300mm
OD: 100-300mm
ID: 76mm


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Orbital stretch wrapping machine