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EPS packing machine & EPS board wrapping machine

Our double-ring double-rub wheel devices offer a safe, stable and energetic working experience. The friction between the driving wheels and ring is adjustable, providing greater control and precision during operation. Additionally, the speed of the ring is adjustable through the inverter, with soft start and stop features and a wrapping position reset function. With these advanced features and rel

EPS packing machine


EPS packing machine

Conveyor System:
  • Belt conveyor for protecting product surface.
  • Automatic entrance conveyor and outlet conveyor system.
  • Conveyor speed adjustable by inverters.
  • Conveyor drive by motor.
  • Speed of conveyor be adjustable by inverter.
  • Sensor detecting the objects for operation.

Automatic wrapping protective System:
  • Avoiding EPS panels package shaking during wrapping.
  • Press device and supportive rollers for fixing position.
  • With two sets of pressing down device.  
  • Two sets for right and left protecting device.
Technical parameter:
Object size:
       Width:1000-1250mm  Height:600-1200mm      Length:>2000mm
Entrance conveyer length: 3000mm with motor
Outlet conveyer length: 3000mm with motor
Ring speed: 20-60r/min
Power output: about 3.5kw
Power voltage: AC 220v/380v,50Hz,60Hz, 3phase
LLDPE stretch film/PE film/knit belt/paper
Width: 200-250mm
OD: 100-200mm
ID: 76mm



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