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Customized horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machine manufacturer

Customized horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machine manufacturer with years of professional experience and continuous R&D, we have established worldwide sales network and won well-known clients

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Panel Horizontal orbital wrapping machine
Panel/wooden horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machine


Panel horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machine gives an automatic preparing method for wooden,boards, panel helping our customers reduce labor charges. Product packaging materials expenses are also decrease, because the extend video reduces the necessity for bands, part addresses and aspect dishes. We could quickly cover deals of diverse styles on the same series, offering an identical and visually appealing look to all your products or services to enhance your company's picture. Stretch out movie is really a recyclable fabric. A Cross-Wrapped package deal doesn't require a pallet, as forklift coping with is enabled by underside skids, that are placed instantly. We are able to also generate a label together with the merchandise information somewhere between the wrapping levels ¨C this function is additionally intelligent.
1. PLC & HMI for auto procedure with may be connected with creation range.

2. Broadly loading substance applicable.

3.Manual and automatic operating setting for convenient operations.

4. The converter is followed to alter the speed from the ring and rollers

5. Overlap of the packing tape according to requirement.

6. Packing stress is changeable by specific circuit breaker.

7. Guardrails, gentle starts off as well as prevent for basic safety functioning.

8.Key placement to find the best packaging

9. Indicator security alarms automatically when difficulty occurs. Problems might be demonstrated quickly.

Notice: Can be made with respect your specs.
Orbital Wrapping Machine Fhope-E100 Fhope-E200 Fhope-E300
Voltage (V/Hz) AC 380/50( or your requirement)
Power (KW) 1.5 2.8 6.5
 OD(mm) 50-300 100-1000 800-1800
Length(mm) 1200-4000 2000-6000 2000-6000
Weight(Kg) 50-300 100-1000 100-2000
Packing material PE/Stretch film/knit belt/VCI paper
Ring speed(r/min) 30-80 30-70 30-60
Wrapping speed 2-12m/min 2-10m/min 2-9m/min
Overlapping rate 20-80%
Horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machine can uses products  data to create processing choices in automating the profile, pipe, board packaging line system. Horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machine relies on a user-friendly touch screen interface for entering, viewing and modifying coil information. The operator screen that enables navigation to coil information for every figure proven.
For wooden package, fishing rod package, aluminum package...machine supplies a way of system recovery, adjusting and modification. In complicated real life packaging processes, anomalies sometimes occur. When information is accidentally erased or improperly modified through the operator, a parallel data monitoring file is maintained. This file enables the operator to re-place data for just about any pipe within the system after which proceed with automatic operation.
Horizontal stretch Wrapper technical support can help you in each and every questions associated with practical troubles. Whether your question for you is concerning the machine's encoding, technical functioning or perhaps the accessibility to spares, our employees is going to be happy to help you out.

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