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Chinese panel Horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machine/Bale/wooden stretch wrapper

Panel/wooden horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machine Description: Panel horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machine gives an automatic preparing method for wooden,boards, panel helping our customers reduce labor charges. Product packaging materials expenses are also decrease, because the extend video reduces the necessity for bands, part addresses and aspect dishes. We could quickly cover deal

Panel Horizontal orbital wrapping machine


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An automatic packaging method for wooden,boards, panel,  help customers reduce labor charges. Stretch film is a recyclable fabric, and a Cross-Wrapped package deal with wrapping steps.

PLC & HMI for auto operation, can be connected with creation range.

Manual and automatic for 2 ways operations.

Converter follow to alter speed of ring and rollers.

Overlap rate from 20-90% adjustable.


Placement to find the best packaging position.

Indicator alarms automatically for difficulty occurs.

Suitable for wooden packing, fishing gear packing, aluminum packing, etc.

Data monitoring files are maintained when information is accidentally deleted or improperly modified through the operator.

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