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Aluminum profile wrapping machine|Aluminum film packing machine

Aluminum packaging machine,aluminum profile wrapper is for the transport of the profiles in and out of the sub-bundle wrapping machine. The infeed roller table is outfitted with centering rollers to maintain the profiles centered on the roller table prior to entering the wrapping machine.

Aluminum Horizontal Orbital Wrapping Machine


Aluminum Horizontal Orbital Wrapping Machine-1 Aluminum Horizontal Orbital Wrapping Machine-2 Aluminum Horizontal Orbital Wrapping Machine-manufacturer Aluminum Horizontal Orbital Wrapping Machine-for sale

Aluminum profile wrapping machine


Aluminum profile horizontal stretch Wrapper Machine special design for aluminum, bar, copper tube packaging and rod... The machine was well received by market. Not only it is high efficiency, energy saving , but also greatly saving manpower and material resources. Many types of aluminum packaging machines available, such as aluminum profile bundling machines, timber feeding machine, 3 sides covering machines. The solution can be semi-automatic to full automatic packaging line. 


Aluminum profile packaging

  • Aluminum pipe packaging
  • Aluminum section packaging
  • Aluminum Rod packaging
  •  Aluminum bar packaging
  • PLC and HMI for different object size operation.
  • With high productivity, and cost efficiency.
  • Different program for auto/manual 2 ways swift control.
  • Inverters for wrapping and conveying speed change.
  • Overlap adjustable for material saving and seal packaging.
  • Operated and cooperated On-line with other automated equipment
  • Ideal wrapper for aluminum profile.
  • Automatic film and material cutting and feeding for the bundles.
  •  Automatically show the operation error both indicator and touch screen.
  • Nice to ocks aluminum profile together and reduce profile shifting, product damage.

 Note: Aluminum wrapping machine can be designed according your specification


AC 380/50(or your requirement)
Power (KW)
Packing material
PE/Stretch film/knit belt/VCI paper
Ring speed(r/min)
Wrapping speed
2-16 m/min
Overlapping rate


1. Aluminum Wrapping Solution




2. Aluminum Shrinking Solution

3. Automatic stacking and bundle wrapping

Special design:Sub-bundle strapping machine with transfer belt
This wrapping machine is made by tight steel frame. The operation friendly design help to replace the packing material very quickly (less than one minute). The profiles are automatically in-deeding and holding by a series of rollers through a machine which allowing different sizes of packages to pass automatically without stopping. The ring rotates upto 100rpm for covering of the film on the surface of the aluminum profile, which is supported by the axis and has a special clutch to keep the tension constant until the material roll is finished. 
The packing speed is controlled by an electronic converter. When the wrapping or packing material is tearing, the automatic device can detect the machine completely stop and alarming.The machine is designed as a "start and stop" mode. The blade automatically cuts off the packing material at the end of each packaging cycle. The binding time can be set according to the requirements.

The conveyer belt is designed and conveyed to the feed roller of the machine. The belt conveyor is equipped with supportive holder which can travel to a certain space and each package automatically from continuous packaging.  



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