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Aluminum packing Machine

Aluminum Horizontal Orbital Wrapping Machine




Fhope aluminum packaging machine series is specialized in aluminum profile, rod and other products packaging. Generally it has been divided into several categories-Aluminum wrapping solution, Aluminum bagging machine, Aluminum shrinking machine, Automatic aluminum packing line.
Aluminum packaging machine consists with infeeding and outfeeding conveyors, main board, turning ring and control station. Electric components such as PLC and HMI have been adopted to the machine and improves the performance of the machine dramatically. Customized solution will be provided to meet customer’s specific requirement. We make the perfect plan on every details for getting our customers satisfied with the machinery.

packingAluminum Wrapping solution

Aluminum wrapping solution package the products in the form of wrapping, the wrapping material includes PVC/PE/LLDPE/HDPE film, paper and etc.

 1.1 Semi automatic aluminum wrapping machine
The Fhope semi automatic aluminum wrapping machine mainly used to package aluminum profile and rod material. Constant speed both on the conveyors and turning ring makes the perfect even wrapping for the products. With PLC, Converters and
sensors, operators only need to press on the switch button to operate the machine, easy and convenient. Indicator lamp lights up when error or emergency occurs.

   1.2 Automatic aluminum wrapping machine
Fhope automatic aluminum wrapping machine is used for wrapping aluminum products automatically. Control system will be set and managed by PLC, converters change the frequency of power supply and control the motor speed follow the machine’s running. Sensors are used to detect the packaging objects and deliver signal to PLC, this allows the machine to work without any human interference. Automatic cutting device for cutting and loading the packaging material, saves labor costs and improves the machine’s efficiency.

   1.3 Customized aluminum packing mach
Fhope as one of the main manufacturers in the industry provides customized solution for customers. We have been dedicated in designing of doubling line and multiple packaging. Our engineering team makes plan according to the customer’s circumstance. We want to make the production simpler and convenient for our customers. Film covering, Timber feeding, Partial wrapping are the common requirements from our customers.
Film covering+wrapping

Partical wrapping

Timber feeder & wrapping machine

More cutomzied solution, please CONTACT US


packing2. Aluminum Bagging machine

The Fhope aluminum bagging machine is specialized in packaging aluminum profile and rod material with plastic or paper bag. We have pioneered in the industry with our innovative mind. Furthermore we have kept on improving and inventing for many years for removing these barriers in the packaging process and improved the machine’s stability.

packing3. Aluminum shrinking machine
Fhope aluminum shrinking machine used to package aluminum profile and tmber..etc. The machine first package the products with plastic film then send it to the shrink tunnel. Automatic hot cutting can finish cutting and sealing at the same time. The shrink tunnel is made from insulation material againsts the radiation and preserve the heat for reducing electricity costs. 

packing4. Automatic aluminum packing line
Automatic aluminum packing line is the solution for customers who want to combine all the packaging process together or have their special packaging goal. Bundling, pre-stretching, doubling, paper covering are coordinated with other aluminum packaging machines to make the whole packaging process automatic and efficient. 

Paper covering

Automatic Stacking

High speed aluminum profile wrapping machine


Aluminum bundling&wrapping machine

Following are same horizontal orbital wrapper for aluminum profile packaging:


Aluminum Wrapping Machine Fhope-E100 Fhope-E200 Fhope-E300
Voltage (V/Hz) AC 380/50( or your requirement)
Power (KW) 2.3 3.5 4.5
 OD(mm) 100-400 100-600 100-800
Length(mm) 1200-4000 2000-6000 2000-6000
Weight(Kg) 50-300 100-1000 100-2000
Packing material PE/Stretch film/knit belt/VCI paper
Ring speed(r/min) 30-90 30-70 30-60
Wrapping speed 2-11m/min 2-11m/min 2-11m/min
Overlapping rate 20-80%


For aluminum, profile and all types of long shape product - The FHOPE PACK orbital stretch wrapping machine protects your goods with well packaging. Inline solution or automatic equipment in combination with the production line and there is able to do 6-sides sealed package.
All aluminum ,profile packaging are with mechanical and electronic protection and multi layer film Stretch wrapping. Specially designed conveyor with motor gear systems for different product sizes and a lot of options per your need. The machine guarantees the required packaging and your demand. Complete lines equipped with in feed and out feed conveyors control by PLC. The turning tables, tittering conveyor, strapping— everything is possible with our long shape horizontal orbital stretch wrapping System.
The FHOPE PACK system is designed to use different packing materials. All kind of material available in the market can be adopted by our machine. So there is  the best mechanical protection by our machine package.

Original place: China Shanghai

Heavy duty construction. 
Automatically product in feeding and outlet. 
Full range material available, manual systems to fully automated systems. 
Detailed reporting capability.


There are some packing solution for aluminum package may interest you:


1. Aluminum Wrapping Solution

Aluminum Horizontal Orbital Wrapping Machine


Aluminum Horizontal Orbital Wrapping Machine


It is solution for aluminum profile wrapping and bundling in automatic mode.



2. Aluminum Shrinking Solution


Video for aluminum shrink wrap: https://www.fhopepack.com/blog/aluminum-wrapping-machine-and-shrinking-solution/