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Automatic horiozntal stretch film machine with bubble film wrapper

Automatic horizontal spiral wrapping machine works for long shape products with OD<500mm. It was designed to used to match a variety of packaging goal and handling situations.The option film sealing and covering device can be add to the wrapper for full sides packaging. The ring turning speed upto 90r/mim.

E500 horizontal wrapping machine&stretch wrapper



This is an bubble film covering and film wrapping orbital horizontal stretch wrapper   The machine with bubble film covering device and film sealer for packing the long shape package with full covered wrapping.The control panel installed with HMI for easy inputing and setting the parameter to control the packing speed. Automatic sealer for seal the PE, HDPE film also.This picture is orbital wrapping machine for IKEA for wooden board wrapping.


The orbital stretch wrapping machine inludes two sets conveyor, one set bubble film covering machine and one set wrapping station.

 Horizontal Stretch Wrapping Station:

Basic feature of the main wrapping station

  • Ring type wrapper for 360 degree turning
  • Film application automatically
  • CE strandard safety mechanical designing
  • Friction between driving wheels and ring is adjustable.
  • Speed of the ring is adjustable by inverters.
  • Soft start and start and ring jog.
  • Short package easy pass through the wrapping machine.
  • Packing material tension could be adjusted.
  • Widely packing material can be used on the machine
  • Protection shield covering the machinery structure and moving parts of safe operation.  
  • Bubble film dispenser for big roll OD
  • Nice bubble sealing and film wrapping for good protection.
  • The relative figure adjustable on touch screen.
  • The sealer is able sealing and cutting the bubble film easy without film stick to.


  • Soft conveyor surface in PU, PVC or Rubber.
  •  Automatic infeed and outfeed conveyor.
  • Max. Loading can be designed per different load
  • Speed of the conveyor is adjustable by inverters.
  • Sensor detects the object for infeeding, wrapping, outfeeding action.
  • All moving parts in drive system are well covered by shield.

Automatic mechanical hand

  • Automatic material feeding and cutting device.
  •  Automatic material clamping for next wrapping.
  • Sensor and PLC program control.
  • The operation parameter is adjustable.
  • It replaces the manually film feeding and cutting to make machine unstop wrappping.
  • It includes automatic bubble film sealer and film cutter
PLC&HMI control system

  •  PLC and program makes machine able to do automatic wrapping according packing goal.
  •  Interface HMI for packaging parameter setting.
  • Photocell sensor is adopted for setting packing position and it is adjustable.
  • Indicator alarms automatically when trouble occurs. Trouble can be shown automatically on touch screen and light for easily operation.
  • Separate control panel makes operation & maintenance.
  • Ring speed and conveyor speed adjusting on touch screen.
  • Wrapping position stop automatically and adjustable on touch screen.
  •  Head delay and end delay adjustable on touch screen for specification packaging.
  • Reinforce wrapping both head and end adjustable one touch screen.
  • Both touch screen and on site bottom for control the machine.

Press down device

  • Softe pressing down device with force adjustment for bubble protection.
  • Both side protective devices adjust by manually to avoid products shaking in wrapping.
  • Top press device with soft material for glass surface protection.
  • Two press down devices on in-feeding and out-let conveyor

Technical data:

  • Object size: Length:>1500mm
  • Bundle OD:200-500
  • Weight:50-500kg
  • Infeed conveyor:2000mm L×700mmW
  • Outfeed conveyor: 2000mmL×700mmW
  • Material: LLDPE stretch film/ Paper/ Woven
  • Width: 150-300mm
  • OD: 100-250mm
  • ID: 50mm
  • (Let me know, if you need another size)
  • Air Supply 5~8kgf/cm2
  • Conveyor Speed: 3~12m/min
  • Ring speed: App.10-60r/min
  • Machine size: App. L5200 x W1600 x H1800mm
  • Power output: about 4.5kw
  • Power voltage: AC 380v,50Hz,3Phase
  • Control Power voltage ADC24V

The orbital wrapper with bubble film packaging is driven by multiple factors, and our team will do the best for a solution compititable with different package. Discover our automatic packing line of film wrap equipment – the trusted choice of wooden, sofa, board...

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Application of horizontal wrapping machine FHOPE-E500




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