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Big horiozntal orbital stretch wrapper for furniture

The big ring orbital packing machine for big objects packaging: Such as steel tube, steel rod, aluminum profile, motor, reel,pallet... The conveyor is changeable per different weigh and package. Roller conveyor covered with PU for package surface protection. Fork man loading position for easy handling. Different packaging material available for durable packaging requirement.

E2400 Horizontal stretch wrapping machine


Big horiozntal orbital stretch wrapper

This is an big horizontal stretch wrapper, it is able handing the load with OD<2000mm. The automatic orbital wrapping machine specialized designed for horizontal shapes such as wooed sheets bundle, pallet load, panels bundle, furnituere,Floor board. The customized solution is avialbe for packaging goal.The products can be  well-protected & sealed in good appearance with more tidy. The machine with PLC profram control system that is capable to be connecting with the packing line per automatically wrapping.


The flat & hard ground with loading capacity upto 500KG/square. Not fundation required
Load Wrapping Station:

  • Strong structure for big ring.
  • Double-ring & double-PU wheel with power devices make working more safty, stable & energetic.
  • The position of the wheels and ring is adjustable.
  • Speed of the wrapping ring is adjustable by inverter app. 30r/min.
  • Soft start and start in wrapping.
  • Original position reset.
  • Good packing tension control both for big and small packages.
  • widhth 500mm packing material adopted by winder film roller frame.
  • Protect guardrail and safety cover for safety operation.
  • Overlapping is adjustable from 10%-90%

Conveyor System:

  • PVC belt/Roller/Chain conveyors are available for protecting the surface of the product.
  • Automatic entrance conveyor system and outlet conveyor system.
  • Conveyor heigh adjustment function.
  • Conveyors drive by motor with gear box per different loading.
  • Speed of the conveyors is adjustable by inverters.
  • Sensor detecting the objects for operation action.
  • Customized conveyor is available.
Automatic wrapping protective System:

  • Rubbler surface rollers for products surface protection.
  • Decompression pressing down device for right press.
  • Automatic holder avoid products shaking and position shifting in wrapping.
  • Pressing down device and supportive rollers for fix the packaging position.
  • The action time is adjustable on touch screem for difference packing purpose.
  • Each set of the press down device on in&out feeding conveyor

PLC&HMI control system:

  •  PLC and program makes machine able to do automatic wrapping according your packing goal.
  • Photocell sensor is adopted for setting packing position.
  • Indicator alarms automatically when trouble occurs. Trouble can be shown automatically.
  • Separate control panel makes operation & maintenance easily.
  • Interface operation.

Automatic mechanical hand:

  • Automatic material clamping, feeding and cutting device.
  • Cutter could be knift or sealer.
  • Sensor and PLC program work for the film cutting and holding with proper timing.
  • It make non stop wrapping

Technical parameter:

  • Object size:
  • Length:>1800mm
  • Width: 900-2200mm
  • Height: 200-2200mm
  • Load OD<2400mm
  • Entrance conveyer length: 2500mm 
  • Outlet conveyer length: 2500mm 
  • Speed: 4~15m/min
  • Ring speed: 10-40r/min
  • Power output: about 7.5kw
  • Power voltage: AC 380v,60Hz,3Phase
  • Material:
  • LLDPE stretch film/PE film/PVC
  • Width: 300/500mm
  • OD: 100-250mm
  • ID: 50/76mm



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