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Customized horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machine manufacturer

Customized horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machine manufacturer with years of professional experience and continuous R&D, we have established worldwide sales network and won well-known clients

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 Horizontal Orbital Stretch Wrapper
Fhope Bale Horizontal Orbital Stretch Wrapper has gained the highest popularity among it’s users due to it’s high efficiency and reliability. This machine is designed for packing various products and can be applied to different industries. From fiberboard and wood panels to all sorts of rectangular objects. The intelligent system has been adapted to the machine which makes it has a perfect performance, easy operation and customerized setting are both available. We Fhope devote to make the best machine to our users not just for improving our competitiveness but also for making a difference and the loyalty to our customers.

  • PLCs and HMIs for automatic programin that makes machine be connected to the creation range.
  • Apply a wide range of  packing material.
  • Manual and automatic operation settings, easy to operate.
  • Using the converter to change the ring and drum speed
  • Adjusting the packing tape overrap rate as required.
  • Packing tension can be changed by a dedicated circuit breaker.
  • High safety level for operator、
  • Good packaging appreance
  • A safety alert is automatically displayed when difficulties occur. The problem may be quickly proved.
  • Protecting the product from different situation in temperature and humidity.

  • Voltage (V/Hz) :AC 380/50( or your requirement)
  • Power supply (KW) : 6.5
  •  OD/Excircle (mm) :800-2000
  • Product length (mm): 2000-6000
  • Weight (Kg) : 100-2000
  • Packaging material :PE/Stretch film/knit belt/VCI paper
  • Ring speed (r/min) : 20-60
  • Wrapping speed: 2-10m/min
  • Overlapping rate:10-90%

All the assembling and installation will be down by our most responsible technicians. The operation will be taken place in the customers’ factory and adjust to their requirement. To be responsible to our customers, we offer professional training to our customers’ staff, from operating the machine to daily maintenance, all the skills will be taught by our technical engineers. And so many years in the industry, our team is able to cope all the possible challenge during assembling and installation and make a promise to all the customers with their machines .
There is no doubt that our Horizontal Orbital Stretch Wrapper will increase your efficiency dramatically. Saving your packaging material, shortening your working time and less electricity cost, this machine excels in many areas. All these features lead to one character- a fast return on investment. Through the perfect performance, we are sure you will see the tremendous value of our machine.


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