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Furniture wrapping machine & furniture packing machine

Furniture wrapping machine and packing machine for kitchen door, kitchen glass window, sofa, chest packaging. The solution is able protect the package with good tension and whole sides covered packaging. Designing according the furniture specification is available tool

Furniture stretch wrapping machine


Furniture horizontal stretch wrapper machine

There are many different shape and form for the furniture products. For the packing, it needs customized solution vary from the size and shape.

So the machine need to be flexiable and compitiable for the package.

There mainly three type packing solution for furnitures:


A. Horizontal Stretch Wrapper    B. Shirnking Machine     C. Stretch Wrapping Machine

A. This is the horizontal stretch wrapper designed for furniture packing.

It's a Furniture packing machine for horizontal direction wrapping for such as,sofa, cabinet, sheets, doors, Floor board, window… Wrapped packages be well-protected & sealed & more tidy. Can be connected to the packing line for automatically inline wrapping.
Place the products onto the in-feeding conveyor.
Moving the product to wrap position automatically while sensors detect it
Press down device with decompression system presses the package automatically.
Products stop products automatically while it at the wrapping position.
Feeding the on-ring material automatically
Products go through the wrapper for automatic wrapping.
Place the reinforcing wraps to the tail end of the product.
Unloading the packed package.
End for circle

Technical parameter:
srapping lObject size: Length:>1500 mm
Width: 800-1800 mm
Height: 800-1800 mm
Weight:20-200 kg
Conveyor Speed:
Wrapping Ring ID >1400 mm
Ring speed: App.10-60 r/min
Power output: about 3.5 kw
Power voltage: AC 380v,60Hz,3Phase
Control Power voltage: ADC 24V
In-feed conveyor App.2500mm x1400mm x850mm
Outing conveyor App.2500mm x1400mm x850mm
LLDPE stretch film/PE film/PVC
Width: 200-300 mm
OD: 100-250 mm
ID: 50 mm
Structure size App.6300 x 2500 x 2500 mm

Note: Our team will help to provide the customzied furniture packing machine per your products.

For better protection, there is update solution for film wrapping with film covering in advacne that is able providing the full sealed packaging.


Besides, the PE film covering, the bubble film, EPE film are available.

This is the sofa packing line with automatic film covering machine.




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