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Customized horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machine manufacturer

Customized horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machine manufacturer with years of professional experience and continuous R&D, we have established worldwide sales network and won well-known clients

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Furniture horizontal stretch wrapper machine

Furniture stretch wrapping machine

This is a Door wrapping machine specialized for horizontal shapes such as sheets, doors, Floor board, window… the wrapped package is well-protected & sealed & looks more tidy. The machine can be connecting to the packing line for automatically wrapping.
The machine shall be mounted on flat & hard ground, where the ground load should be more than 1 ton/m2.
Place the products onto the in-feeding conveyor.
Moving the product to wrap position automatically while sensors detect it
Press down device with decompression system presses the package automatically.
Products stop products automatically while it at the wrapping position.
Feeding the on-ring material automatically
Products go through the wrapper for automatic wrapping.
Place the reinforcing wraps to the tail end of the product.
Unloading the packed package.
End for circle

Technical parameter:

V. srapping lObject size:
Width: 830mm
Height: 830mm
Conveyor Speed:
Ring ID >1400mm
Ring speed: App.10-60r/min
Power output: about 3.5kw
Power voltage: AC 380v,60Hz,3Phase
Control Power voltage: ADC24V
Infeed conveyor App.2500mm x1400mm x850mm
Outlet conveyor App.2500mm x1400mm x850mm
LLDPE stretch film/PE film/PVC
Width: 200-300mm
OD: 100-250mm
ID: 50mm
Structure size App.6300x2500x2500mm



Orbital stretch wrapping machine