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Spiral wrapping machine & orbital wrapper manufacturer:The package load is automatically transferred throughout the wrapping station where expand film is used. Providing local customer service with installation and commissioning.

E600 Horizontal stretch wrapping machine


The Spiral wrapping machine with film packaging for load protection so for cutting transportation costs dramatically by simply passing each load through the wrapping station. The package ensures quality and gauge freight. Some optional available to integrated scales taht allow data sharing with ERP system when it wrap and weigh loads simultaneously.

The packing speed adjustable for different packaging in flexibility to accommodate future production.

Horizontal Stretch Wrapping Station:

 Basic feature of the main wrapping station 

  • Spiral ring turning for film application on the package.
  • High speed ring rotation in more safe stable & energetic by strong structure. 
  • The higher level main board with stronger structure and frame for wrapping.
  • Friction between driving wheels and ring is adjustable.
  • Speed of the ring is adjustable by inverters.
  • Ring start and stop in soft moving mode
  • Sensor for wrapping position automatic reset.
  • Packing material tension could be adjusted.
  • Widely packing material adopted by material frame.
  • Protection shield covering the machinery structure and moving parts of safe operation.  
  • Overlapping is adjustable from 10%-90%
  • Wrapping start and stop points are adjustable.
  • The relative figure adjustable on touch screen.


  • Structure of the conveyor will protect the surface of the product.
  • Automatic infeed conveyor system and outfeed conveyor system.
  • Conveyors driven by motor with gear box.
  •  Proper guarded or curtained wrapping station.
  • Motor drived conveyyor with inverters speed adjustment.
  •  Four position Sensors for infeedin to outfeeding movement checking.
  • The packing parameter easy setting on the HMI
  •  Standard conveyor made by: Roller or PVC belt

PLC&HMI control system

  •  PLC and program control system fliexiable worked out the automation connecting with packing line. 
  • Interface HMI operation.
  • Photocell sensor is adopted for setting packing position and it is adjustable.
  • Indicator alarms automatically when trouble occurs. Trouble can be shown automatically on touch screen and light for easily operation.
  • Separate control panel makes operation & maintenance.
  •  Ring speed and conveyor speed adjusting on touch screen.
  • Easy start the machine per user friendly UI and setting
  •  Wapping package Head delay and end delay for partial wrapping.
  • Reinforce wrapping both head and end adjustable one touch screen.
  • The machinery functions can be operated both touch screen and bottom.
  • Time adjustable for pressing device action time.

Press down device

  • Both side protective devices adjust by manually to avoid products shaking in wrapping.
  • Top press device with soft material for glass surface protection.
  • Two press down devices on in-feeding and out-let conveyor.
  • The action time of protective devices are adjustable for difference packing purpose by program.
  • The protective system is fit for object with different frame, structure and non-planar surface.


Special tension control carriage

It is able provides consistent tension in wrapping with strong and tight packaging.
It makes machine workable for big and small package with nice surface.

Technical data:

  • Object size: Length:>800mm
  • Bundle OD:200-600
  • Weight:20-200kg
  • Infeed conveyor:2000mm L×800mmW
  • Outfeed conveyor: 2000mmL×800mmW
  • Material: LLDPE stretch film/ Paper/ Woven
  • Width: 150-300mm
  • OD: 100-250mm
  • ID: 50mm
  • (Let me know, if you need another size)
  • Air Supply 5~8kgf/cm2
  • Conveyor Speed: 3~12m/min
  • Ring speed: App.10-60r/min
  • Machine size: App. L5200 x W1800 x H1800mm
  • Power output: about 4.5kw
  • Power voltage: AC 380v,50Hz,3Phase
  • Control Power voltage ADC24V

As the orbital wrapper manufacturer, Fhope provides more customized solution that is able online connection or standalone pieces in a warehouse.




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