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orbital ring stretch wrapper & film wrapping machine

orbital ring stretch wrapper & film wrapping machine:we are offering automatic wrapper with different ring size for package with different OD as long as customize solution per your packaging goal. Following are some orbital stretch wrappers designed for wrap load Package OD.

E1000 Horizontal stretch wrapping machine


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The orbital ring stretch wrapper & film wrapping machine is the equipment for drastically lightweighted to control costs in labor. That is an sustainability initiatives to improving the wrapping speed. The ability of the ring type stretch wrapper was used to loads packing with good protection without crushing or damaging goods. It Suited for bundle, box, tray,profile package applications. And it will be designed with upgrade technology that ensures meets the specification and feacture of each load.
Spiral Stretch Wrapping Station:

Basic feature of the main wrapping station 

  • Reinforce aluminum ring width upto 60mm on strong structure makes the long life.
  • Motor with gear in strong power
  • The integration wrapping station easy to start running without need re-installation after shipping.
  • Ring and driving wheels easy to change the friction.
  • Speed of the ring is adjustable by inverters.
  • Soft start and start and ring jog.
  • Sensor for wrapping position automatic reset.
  • Packing material easy reloading
  • The packing tension easy adjustment for different size package.
  • Compitiable for different packing material.
  • Protection shield covering the machinery structure and moving parts of safe operation.  
  • Overlapping rate from 10%-90%
  • Innitial position reset
  • Touch screen for packaging data setting.

  • Structure of the conveyor will protect the surface of the product.
  • Automatic infeed conveyor system and outfeed conveyor system.
  • Conveyors driven by motor with gear box and speed contorlled by inverter.
  • Speed of the conveyor is adjustable by inverters.
  • Sensor detects the object for operation action.
  • The conveyoer can be designed for different load infeeding way.

Automatic mechanical hand

  • Two versions available: heat cutting & knife cutting
  • It cooperates with ring speed, cylinder action time
  • Automatic material clamping for next wrapping.
  • The operation parameter is adjustable.

 PLC&HMI control system

  • Ring speed, roller speed, package size, package process can be setting on the screem
  • Providing Iot monitor for trouble shooting
  • Photocell sensor is adopted for setting packing position and it is adjustable.
  • Separate control panel makes operation & maintenance.
  • Friendly operation per non trained operator.
  • Wrapping position stop automatically and adjustable on touch screen.
  • Reinforce wrapping both head and end adjustable one touch screen.
  • Time adjustable for pressing device action time.
  • Providing the long distance remote control and assitant
Press down device

  • Both side protective devices adjust by manually to avoid products shaking in wrapping.
  • Top press device with soft material for glass surface protection.
  • Two press down devices on in-feeding and out-let conveyor.
  • The action time of protective devices are adjustable for difference packing purpose by program.
  • The protective system is fit for object with different frame, structure and non-planar surface.

Special tension control carriage

Motor tension controlelr in wrapping for strong and tight packaging.
Stretch film workable for big and small package with nice surface.

Technical data:

Object size
Bundle OD:400-1000
Infeed conveyor
2000mm L×1200mmW
Outfeed conveyor
LLDPE stretch film/ Paper/ Woven

Width: 100-500mm  

OD: 100-250mm   

ID: 50mm

(Let me know, if you need another size)

Air Supply
Conveyor Speed
Ring speed
Machine size
App. L4800 x W1800 x H2000mm
Power output
about 4.5kw
Power voltage
AC 380v,50Hz,3Phase

Control Power voltage

E1000 Horizontal stretch wrapping machine
The automatic ring stretch wrappers enable operators away from the moving part while wrapping the package. It is an equipment saving time in film wrapping, lower labor cost and reducing operation risks.



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