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Semiauto horizontal stretch wrapper manufacaturer price

The machine can be connect with the production line for automatic operation. lDouble-ring double-rub wheel devices make working more safe stable energetic. lPLC HMI are adopted. Photocell sensor is adopted for setting packing positionautomatically. lIndicator alarms automatically when trouble occurs. Trouble can be shown automatically. The turning ring is controlled by converter. Overlap rate c

Semiauto horizontal orbital wrapping machine S200


Semiauto horizontal stretch wrapper

Performance & Features

  • The machine can be connect with the production line for automatic operation..
  • Double rings and wheels make machine working safe stable & energetic.
  • PLC control program and HMI be adopted.
  • Photocell-sensor for positioning automatically.
  • Alarms automatically for trouble. 
  • Wrapping ring speed controlled by converter. 
  • Board up and down to centralize positioning for bundle different OD.
  • Tension be adjustable by break device.
  • Control panel for operation & maintenance.
  • Motor drive conveyors for automatic transporting pipe bundle.
  • Soft start and soft stop.
  • Guardrails for operation safety.
  • Automatic machine hand be choosing for automatic online wrapping.

Technical parameter S200:

  • Object size:
  • Length: >300mm
  • OD:10-200mm
  • Weight:10-100kg
  • Entrance conveyer length: 2000mm motor drive
  • Outlet conveyer length: 2000mm motor drive
  • Conveying speed: 4~12m/min
  • Ring speed: 20-120r/min
  • Power output: app. 2.1kw
  • Power voltage: AC 380v,60Hz
  • Material: 
  •  LLDPE stretch film
  • Width: 120-200mm
  • OD: 150-200mm
  • ID: 50mm

Different packing material
Conveyor length



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