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Horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machine for pallet and wooden board

Our panel horizontal orbital wrapper offers a solution for automatic infeeding and pallet wrapping of wooden panels, reducing labor costs and increasing efficiency. As a leading Chinese supplier of wooden packaging machines, we pride ourselves on providing advanced features and reliable performance to businesses seeking cost-effective solutions for their packaging needs. With its user-friendly des

Horizontal Stretch Wrapping Machine for pallet


The horizontal stretch wrapper machine has played an important role in the production of  bale,wood and panels. It's able wrapping the package with 6 sids by wrapping machine with turntable designing. After wrapping, the machine is able turning the load with 360 degree for wrapping the head and tail. By this way the package will be well covering from all sides. So it is very helpful to reduce labor costs and help you the decreasing the operation and packaging process. For different load there are different conveyor can be using for, such as PVC belt conveyor for bale packing, chain conveyor for pallet packing...
As you can see, It's almost unlimited in customizing for working with bundling machines, shrinking machines, stacking machines......


  • Voltage (V/Hz:AC 380/50( or your requirement)
  • Power (KW):6.5
  • Width(mm):800-1500
  • Height:800-1500
  • Length(mm):1000-6000
  • Weight(Kg):100-2000
  • Packing material :PE/Stretch film/knit belt/VCI paper
  • Ring speed(r/min) : 30-60
  • Wrapping speed:2-9m/min
  • Overlapping rate: 20-80%

This 6 sides horizontal packaging machine can also be used for many package such as wood packaging, pallet, bale and connects to other mechanical equipment. During the packaging process, only input the information on the touch screen. Prior to automated packaging, this program allows the operator to reset the data in the system. The machine designed for easy opeation, the staff is able to solve all the problems associated with the actual problems through horizontal stretch wrapping technology support. Besides, overseas services are available for installation and connection.



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