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Automatic PET strapping machine

Automatic PET strapping machine


It is a automatic strapping machine using polyester and polypropylene strap for online operation. The PP/PET belt strapping machine with belt strapping plate device comprises a support assembly, which is a design with swinging supporting frame rotating assembly. The PET Strapping Machines gives to the customer a new choice that provides fantastic rewards and is extremely economic: the alternative of computerized strapping heads. • If client does not want to acquire a total strapping machine… • But is pondering on switching to polyester strapping… • But acquiring a total machine indicates an essential investment…



High reliability

• Cast and machined aluminum structure
• Strong large duty design
• Environmentally helpful engineering
• All crucial components effortlessly obtainable
• Distinctive strap feed system

• Totally electrically driven
• Huge feed and get up wheel (207 mm dia.) assures optimum strap feed and consistently higher used strap stress
• Adjustable strap stress per requirement

• Head sequence managed by special camshaft method
• Controllable strap overlap per setting
• Minimal quantity of donning elements
• Easy and simple to preserve
• Bare minimum necessary pack face one hundred twenty mm.


The patented friction weld in mixture, polyester strap guarantees trustworthy and consistent joints with a joint strength of up to 90%.Maintenance The particular design and style of the head permits simple entry to all relocating and wear parts. This ensures the easy trade of elements and the adjustment of the different options.

Technical characteristics:


The utilizes polyester and polypropylene strap in a selection of types and sizes. The head is designing for use in totally computerized strapping installations and is suitable for an assortment of industrial apps. It is works for steel and non-ferrous metals, brick and block, timber and several other common packaging applications.



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    Automatic PET strapping machine        Automatic PET strapping machine Automatic PET strapping machine
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