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Full-Automatic steel belt strapping machine
The process of the strapping by automatic strapping machine with manual operation also. The strapping machine performs all the straps in different strapping position depending on the length of the bundles. The automatic strapping machine is situated at a fixed point and the bundle moves to perform each strapping. 
Steel Tube Bundle Strapping Machinery

Fhope team customizing full-automatically whole packaging line for tube pipe bundling and strapping &stacking system for you. 

After sales team and technical team always be online 24h / 7days for your techncial supporting. 

Steel Strap:
Steel Tube Bundle Strapping Machinery(1)Materials: Cold rolled low carbon steel
(2)Finish:Blued and waxed.
(3)Shape: Oscillate or Ribbon wound coil strap.4Tolerance
   Thickness:  ±10%
   Width: ±O.l27mm
   Camber: Less than 8 mm per 2,000 mm length of strap
   Coiling degree: Less than ±100 per 1000mm

(1) Material: Cold rolled low carbon steel
(2) Shape: Magazine feed seal specified
(3) Holding capacity: Approx. 180 pcs
(4) Seal steel belt lock width: 25mm/ 32mm
Banding Operation:
(1) Number of strap: 5 to 7 straps
(2) Form of joint: Double seal notch
(3) Banding cycle time: Refer to the time chart
(4) Tension strapped: max. 13.7 kN at 0.54 Mpa Gair pressure
(5) Center of bundle should be the same as center of convey or when conveying.
(6) Control for strapped positioning is out of supply scope.

Item Auto Steel Strapping machine
Strap tension 7000-18000N
Strap material Steel strap  
Seal belt lock width 25mm; 32mm
Strap thickness 0.8/1.0mm
Strap feed and take-up speed 2-3m/second
Tension speed 6m/min
Hydraulic pressure 100 bar
Work pressure 80-90bar
Type of oil Hydraulic oil
Oil cooling With water

Steel Tube Bundle Strapping Machinery

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