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Steel Tube and Pipe Packing Solutions

There are automatic steel tube bundle making machine, strapping machine, in and out feeding system


FHOPE provide various industrial steel pipe and tube handling equipment with automatic pipe tube packing line. The pipe tube handling equipment in many process such as tube bundling (pipe bundling), steel pipe, copper tube, stainless steel tube strapping , tube packaging and stacking. Various styles of pipe packaging are available such as round, square and rectangular tube with hexagon or square size. Automatic or manual wrapping and strapping options are available. FHOPE also offer automatic counting device, layer lifter,. Automatic conveyors are used to accumulate strapped and wrapped bundles for pick up by fork truck or overhead crane.
For choosing a proper packing line per different steel tube, threre are two types solution that is differently in bundle stacking way:


pipe bundle packing machinepipe bundling machinepipe bundling machine

This type packing line is choosing the forkarms for pipe lifting and bundle stacking. It is good choice for the steel tube OD>32mm. Because of the pipe OD<32mm is no easy to make a good bundle shape without manually assistant.
The forkarm number can be choose per pipe length. And the steel tube row stacking system avaible for “hexagonal,square, rectangular shape”  

1)Mechanical arm-forks for bundling.
2)The forming device is adjustable per different bundle shape.
3)The tube move to bundling position by pushing;
4)The tube stacking stopper pushes out;
5)Tube bundling stopper pushes out and clamps the tube row tightly;
6)Supporting forks reset;
7)The tube bundling stopper pushes out to protect the tube bundle well from loosening.

Avaible function in the system:

Weighing system
Labeling system
Strapping machine
Water blowing device
Bundle Accumulation station

steel tube packing line factory China

automatic steel tube bundling and packing line

steel tube bundling and strapping machine

It is a chose for handling the non-magnetic conductivity tubes such as: Aluminum tube, stainless steel tube, copper tube, alloysteel tube


Steel bundle stacking machine factory

This type packing line is choosing the megnet stacking machine for pipe lifting and bundle stacking. It include the megnet chamber and crame type lifter which works for any type of  magnetic conductivity steel tube with any side. It is easy to carrry tubes one
by one from alignment roller way to tube-layer forming position. The megnet lifter number can be choose per pipe length which supports the steel tube row stacking system in “hexagonal,square, rectangular shape”

The bundle stacking process is similar as mechanical type stacker. After the layer is put into the forming-bed, firstly, the bed declines for a certain Technical Annex Object: Tubes Automatic Forming Equipment.

steel tube bundle stacking system automation in production line

 steel tube bundle stacking in hexagon

Automatic steel pipe strapping machine chinese manufacturer

The pipe tube packing line is bundling&strapping packing system composed of pipe hexagon forming machine, Feeding device, automatic wrapping machine, strapping machine,conveyor etc. It is a set of efficient, convenient and safe wrapping machinery for pipe, pipe bundle packaging.

Pipe tube bundling&strapping machine for steel industry. This automatic pipe tube packing line has been successfully applied in different enterprises and different production lines. Continuous improvement and development make it reach a high technical level. On the foundation of professional Fhope engineers and in close co-operation with leading enterprises in the industry, pipe tube bundling and strapping solutions. In the field of pipe bundling technology have been created for ensuring the efficiency packing for transportation of pipes with bundle. In its work, Fhope engineering evaluates all the possible pipe tube bundle wrap and strapping solutions in the specific customer requirements.



Pipe bundling machine              Pipe bagging machine                    Pipe bundle packing machine.

How to choose the packing line?

1. Considering the packing line working range in pipe length , pipe OD and pipe bundle OD
2. Checking the space avaible in factory and how to connect the packing line into production line or cutting line.
3. Considering the way and direction of the pipe bundle out-feeding.
4. Arrange the bundle handling way and storage area.
5. Considering the automation level required, normally, the high level automation the best in the furture production. Because of the heavy wegiht steel pipe and bundle is not possible to handling by man power.
6. Checking the packing goal required: for storage, for domenstc or oversea market...may asks the different packign way for the steel pipe bundle.some of the package may need strapping, some of the packaging may need wrapping...
7. Consulting with professional team for the packing line function and spefication to best understanding in the possibility.
8. Asking the detaill about the installation, commissioning and after service, it is better add a romote control moudle in the control system for easy trouble shooting.

steel pipe bundle packing line factory in China

For detail information about the Features of the machine you can click here

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Fhope Businesses is actually a major manufacturer and supplier of pipe tub packaging bundling machine, pipe tbue bundling, tube strapping machine, along with other packaging devices. It reduce pipe products incorporate a full collection of strapping machine, film wrappers, and bundling devices. Fhope also products an entire type of pipe bagging line, from basic PE film bag and woven bagging, to fully automatic and randomly dimension pipe bundle packaging.

Steel pipes&tube packaging line

tube packaging line tube strapping machine steel tube packing machine
Automatic steel tube bundling lines for reducing the labor cost. It is to bundle making shape of Hexagon, square, triangle, trapezoid. We produce different models of lines based on the length The automatic steel strapping machine Tension Force 15,572 – 19,576 N Control Mode from automatic, semi-automatic to manual. Strapping process for bundle Shape Hexagon, square, triangle, trapezoid... Automatic steel tube bagging machine is able filling the tube into bag. The packing speed is upto 70m per min. with POF/OPP film. It can be connected with tube feeding system for online tube bag packing.

Plastic pipe&tube packaging solution

pvc pipe packaging line pipe bagging machine PVC pipe bag packing machine
It is an automatic packing solution for pvc conduit, PPR, Upvc pipe...bundle making. Automatic pipe number counting, bundling, strapping...It can be connect with the extruder with online packaging process. Automatic filling the pipe bundle into bag. Both PE bag bagging solution and woven bagging machine can be designed per client's need. The greatly save your labor cost in package. The woven bagging machine seal the end by The automatic single pipe bagging packaging solution for pipes, especially for decoration stainless steel pipe. There is able bagging the steel pipe with 10 pcs or more in a row one time. This is steel pipe packing

Fhope pipe bundling methods are used for sectors which includes plastic and steel pipe tube as well as other tube made items. Fhope has been doing pipe tube bundling and strapping for over five years and has an installed foundation for steel company of over 50 packaging systems, all of which are produced completely in the China.



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