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Make use of automatic steel strapping machines at your site

steel,hose,wire,coil wrapping machine What makes Fhope stand out from other steel strapping machine manufacturers is that we do care about making your packing tasks easier. Committed to bringing the best automatic solutions to your logistics or packaging business, we now offer a selection of strapping equipment. If properly handled and maintained, our machines are safe for workers and reliable enough to function with no declines in productivity. Fhope machines can be used for all types of packaging: steel coil, steel tubes, pallet, and many more. Whatever you need to get strapped, our machinery will do that for you, reducing the overall cost.

Fhope automatic steel strapping machines will make a difference in your production

Do you need equipment that will boost your packing processes and allow you to save a pretty penny? At Fhope, you are going to get that and even more. With our machines, you will save a lot of money and time on manual labor. Our engineers will integrate strapping equipment into your production line seamlessly and increase the productivity of the whole operation. Take some time to calculate how much difference this would make in the long run, and see the benefits for yourself.

Choose steel strapping tools for manual work

For small-scale operations, strapping machines are pretty much useless, as they won’t give you the return on investment you want. Buy Fhope manual tools instead. They are designed to make the process of strapping safe, easy, and fast. No matter what size of your business is, you will find the best equipment for it here. If you’re not sure yet, contact our engineers directly and talk about whatever you need more information on. They will help you understand how exactly our machines work and assist you in choosing the right one for your business.

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 Fhopepack® Industrial products offer a flexible and reliable strapping machine solution to a wide variety of applications and markets. Fhopepack® PET/steel strapping machine patterns are both removable and permanent formulas in a range of industrial applications. Fhopepack also starts its packing line design in 2011 and has received constantly positive response from customer. Besides, Fhopepack® supplies semiauto strapping machine, tool applicator and fully automated inline strapping equipment, to help you save better and benifit more.


Nearly everyday, Fhope models are working hard, packing, bagging, erecting and palletizing in our customers' plants all over the world. You can depend on Fhope profession and service. With over years of service for the industry, we virtually have received numerous loyal clients, and we know that foresight business is the cornerstone of the real commoercial world.


There are some industries we are focusing on: metallurgical industry, wooden industry, paper board and pallet loading. We connect closely with customers to help you to reach your goals in packaging, handling even in marketing. With innovative and reliable designs and global service team, we offer a fully integrated system from packaging, strapping, weighing, printing to stacking application.

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