Automatic coiler | October 20, 2021

Automatic bundle making and packing machine

  Automatic packing line include: bundle wrapping machine with head and tail convering by film Automatic bundle gathering and layer forming Automatic big-bundle making machine Automatic big bundle wrapping machine […]

Automatic coiler | October 5, 2021

fibre panel packing machine

The  video of the fibre panel packing machine, panel shrink wrap machine at the custmoer’s factory. The machine is an automatic packing solution that need one people only. Shrinkin speed: […]

Automatic coiler | September 30, 2021

Corrugated Carton packing machine

The machine is an automatic shrinking machine to use EPS panels for one side sealing and full sides bag packaging. The packing material and labor can be saved in it. […]

pallet inverter | September 29, 2021

Cold storage pallet Inverter, Frozen pallet changer

The pallet changer for changint the frozen pallet in the cold storage warehouse. It is the pallet handling processing for pallet load upending, exchaning and unloading. That is a load […]

Automatic coiler | August 20, 2021

30T mold upender | mold flipper

This is 30T mold upender | mold flipper The packing list of this machine in shipping Marks (唛头请与正本提单保持一致) DESCRIPTION OF GOODS(货物描述请与正本提单保持一致) Quantity UNIT DIEMENSION (L*W*H) Net Weight Gross Weight MEASUREMENT          […]

Automatic coiler | August 20, 2021


The mold upender is a mechanical designing with motor and gear power driving. The working table is 1500x 1500mm and the Max.Loading 10t. There are different version mold tilter equipment […]

pallet inverter | August 16, 2021

Stteel sheet inverter and turning machine

Big size steel sheet turning machine, steel sheet inverter for turning the remove the pallet on the bottom of the steel sheet. The max.loadign upto 30T The clamper drived by […]