Tilter/upender | September 29, 2022

C Type Mold Flipper 180 rotator

  The video of the C Type Mold Flipper for  180 degree rotating that is for chaning the mold position in the mold processing. The machine with mechanical C frame […]

strapping machine | September 29, 2022

copper cathode plate strapping machine

This is a video for copper cathode plate strapping machine.  FHOPE is a manufacturer of packaging machines and also a expert of packaging solutions. we partner with customers in […]

Tilter/upender | September 20, 2022

steel sheet pallet inverter

This is the video fo the Steel sheet pallet chagning machine. It is for changing the pallet by 180 degree turning  that is for changing the pallet upside down. The […]

Coil Packing Machine | September 19, 2022

The way to pack the coil package by machine

 The video testing for the coil packing machine for light coil wrapping by eye throught. Pressing device is for holding the coil in wrapping with proper force. The packing […]

Aluminum packing machine | September 9, 2022

Automatic aluminum film applicator

 High speed Automatic film applicator for aluminum profiles. Nice surface for label applicator with your own company logo. www.fhopepack.com info@fhopepack.com

Automatic coiler | August 26, 2022

Aluminum profile packing by machine with paper

 This is the automatic paper packing machine for aluminum profile bundle. Automatic feeding the paper per profile length. Paper folding and tape binding. The solution is for conecting with […]

Automatic coiler | August 24, 2022

Automatic hose coiling and strapping machine

 Full-automatic hose coiler and strapping 6 straps per coil. Online machine connect with hose extrusion line for packaging. info@fhopepack.com www.fhopepack.com

strapping machine | August 22, 2022

Automatic Steel coil radial strapping machine video

Automatic Steel coil radial strapping machine online handling The strapping head works with coil 360 degree rotation for 3/4/6 belt strapping.  The coil strapping machine is next to the […]

strapping machine | August 22, 2022

automatic steel coil circumferencial strapping machine video

   The strapping solution is a steel coil strapping machine for circumferencial steel binding automatically. The solution includes the steel belt dispenser, steel belt strapping head and crame with […]