Automatic coiler | September 18, 2020

Full-auto wire coiling and strapping machine

Full-auto wire coiling and strapping machine, inline packing line, auto strapping with PP belt for 4 places per coil.

Hose wrapping machine | September 11, 2020

Hose pipe steel coil wrapping machine FPH-600N

Big size hose coil /pipe coil/steel coil …can be wrapped packing on this machine model.Coil outer diameter can be up to 2000 mm.

cable packing machine | September 1, 2020

cable wire reel packing machinery

The video of the cable wire reel packing machine with stretch film for circumferential wrapping. Automatic film dispensing, Automatic film cutting, Automatic rotation and wrapping. Program control for packaging procession. […]

Auto cable coiling packing | August 31, 2020

steel coil re-winding and packing machines

This is steel wire and wire cable re-winding and packing solutions in different size. The solution can be online and offline for different handling way and packaging goal.  

wire coil packing machine | August 31, 2020

Coil compactor horizontal wire coil compactor

Horizontal full-auto wire coil compacting and strapping machine… This machine mainly used to compressing big and heavy large wire coil, and auto strapping packing with wire…

wire coil packing machine | August 31, 2020

Automatic wire packing machine for steel wire

Auto wire coil wrapping packing with film…Horizontal type machine design for coil lifting to in-feed wrapping station for auto packing…

Horizontal stretch wrapper | August 19, 2020

BOPP tape orbital wrapping and packing machine

Horizontal type BOPP tape orbital wrapper for online panel and box packing. Automatic bopp cutting and feeding PLC and hmi program control Tension controlled tape wrapping. More orbital wrapper solution: […]

Automatic coiler | August 13, 2020

Automatic gas pipe coiling and banding machine

 Automatic pipe coiling and tying machine with three position tying. The machine coiling processing per length setting in the touch screen which is able online and offline connection for […]