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Automatic wire coil compressing and strapping machine



It is a automatic hydraulic wire coil compacting machine with automatic PET strapping machine connect with wire production ine for automatic strap the steel wire coil with online operation.

The strapping material is PET belt.



1. All the information about the features of the wire coils, number of straps to be performed and compacting force to be applied, is given the PLC.

2. When the coil is approaching to the strapping table, the chains and rollers of the conveyor will start running to displace the basket along with the coil to the center of the strapping position conveyor.

3. When the basket and the wire coil are at the strapping position, the compactor descends and compact the wire coil, decreasing the height

4. Once the coil is compacted, the  strapping process starts in automatic mode.

5. The strapping machine begins the strapping process feeding the strap through the inner diameter of the coil to be strapped and through the basket.

6. When the strap has been fed, it is hold and starts strap collection.

7. Once the strap has been completed, the strapping head returns to it initial position and then is when the coil along with basket rotate 90º by strapping table and the compactor and places on next strapping position.

8. When the wire coil along with the basket situated at the next strapping position, is carried out same procedure followed to perform the previous strapping and so on with all required radial straps to be applied to the coil.

9. When all the straps have been performed and being the strapping machine at the initial position is when the compactor elevates to its initial position, the rotary conveyor rotates to the appropriate position to displace the basket along with the coil to end of the line of the customer so the operator can evacuate it by the forklift or the crane. 


 Strapping material:

q Strap width 19mmAutomatic wire coil compressing and strapping machine

q Strap thickness 1,00 mm

q Type of strap Polyester

q Strap quality Smooth /High quality polyester strap

Sealing features:

q Type of joint By friction - vibration r Joint location The strapping is performed in the front part of the wire coil.

q Joint efficiency Approx. 75-80% of the breaking load of the strap (mentioned quality). Speeds and strength

q Strap. Tension 1000N - 1200N (adjustable depending the material)

q Strap feed & Take –up speed Approx. 1,5m / second (adjustable)

q Tension speed 4 m / minute Hydraulic features

q Maximum pressure 105 bar

q Work pressure 100 bar

q Type of oil Hydraulic oil (for example: VESTA HLP – 46)

q Work temperature < 45ºC


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Wire coil compacting and strapping machine



    Automatic wire coil compressing and strapping machine        Automatic wire coil compressing and strapping machine Automatic wire coil compressing and strapping machine
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