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Automatic coil strapping machine in packaging line



Fhopepack automatic coil strapping machine are work in a wide coil packaging , which includes steel coil, non-ferrous metals, and pipe coil... Our automatic coil strapping machine are conference with higher acclaim than ever owing to design ideas custom-made for a selection of strapping objects and line layouts and efficiency enhancements.

There are different application:

 Hot coil strapping machine

Cold rolled coil strapping machine

Strapping machines for packaging line

Wire strapping machines

 Pipes and sheets Strapping machines



Technical date:


Line type: Stripe Coil lines

Hot coils/Cold  Strap used : t0.8 to 1.1mm x w31.75

Joining method: Seal joint

Number of straps: 1 to 3 straps

Cycle time: 28 sec. (approx.)


automatic coil strapping machine


The automate coil strapping machine product is automatic positioned at a strapping position and the coil has to be rotated in order to perform each radial strap. The strapping machine is adopt with 32mm metal strap and for every each and every done strap, the strapping machine introduce immediately a ring at the leading of the coil. It is an system including steel belt feeding, coil rotating station, strapping head and control system. We got rich experience and professional knowledge in the metal industry packing which allows us to offer a wide range of packaging solution and services related with the handling, strapping, wrapping and stack packaging.

automatic steel coil strapping machine





turnstiledown ender

Turnstile                                                                Down ender

coil strapping machinecoil stacker

Coil strapping machine                                      Coil pallet stacker



Coil Turnstile: For connecting with coil car for loading  the slit coil.

Coil down ender: For picking the slit coil from turnstile and changing coil from vertical to horizontal and moving to conveyor.

Coil strapping machine:  For coil strapping by PET/PE/steel belt.

Coil wrapping machine: For coil eye cross wrapping with packing material.

Coil Stacking machine: For  moving and and storage the packed coil on pallet.

Fhopepack providing  wrapping machine and strapping equipment which is a company specialized in supplying all type of strapping options for the steel industry and packaging market. We design and manufacture the semiauto and automatic strapping and wrapping solutions per consumer requirements and creation plant circumstances, discovering all prospects and contemplating the best choice.


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