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The Fhope packing group may be able to customize their automatic wire rope coiling and strapping machine to meet specific requirements, such as for different types of wire ropes or different coiling or strapping patterns. Full-service support: The Fhope packing group provides a range of services to support their automatic wire rope coiling and strapping machine, including sales, equipment servi

Automatic wire rope coiler and strapping machine


Automatic wire rope coiler and strapping machine

Automatic wire rope coiling & strapping machine, with CE guidelines, and using the latest technology. Fhope packing froup provides packaging solutions for wire rope. Our sales, equipment service, customer service and engineering departments can help you design the optimum protective packaging system for your application.
1.Two coiling heads for continue wire winding
2.Automatic wire feeding, winding and cutting.
3.PLC can store wire reel specification, when need change wire reel specification, only need to read stored specifications.
4.Automatic alarm function, automatic send signal when wrong come out
5.overlength:unit:0.01m, automatic reduce speed when forecast
6.servo motor control traverse, linkage with shake-bobbin machine
7.switch and meter on operation panel:touch screen,speed-adjust button, emergent switch

FHOPE PACKING is specialized in packaging machinery industry for more than ten years, with rich design and production experience. Our professional technical team and after-sales team, be ready to serve customers anytime from all over the world. If our cable automatic packing line is exactly what you are looking for, In order to achieve the optimization of packaging as soon as possible, to achieve maximum benefits and market competitiveness,Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. 



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