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Automatic cotton strapping machine

Automatic cotton strapping machine


It is a automatic strapping machine for cotton and fiber packaging. The solution with 2-8 heads automatic PET strapping machine connect with for automatic strap the package at one time which is efficiency and reliable.

The strapping material is PET belt.


Automatic cotton strapping machine

 • This cotton Strapping & Compacting Line has frames, electric cabinet, pneumatic and hydraulic installation.

• This line will be fully automatic with manual operations possible.

• The Automatic cotton Strapping Machine performs all the straps in different strapping positions.

• The package along with the basket should be positioning on table and the compactor system at the strapping position.

• modular design in strapping system which is easy maintaining and replacement.

• Non training operator is able do trouble shooting and get rid of the problem by manual.


 Strapping material:

q Strap width 19mm

q Strap thickness 1,00 mm

q Type of strap Polyester

q Strap quality Smooth /High quality polyester strap

Sealing features:

q Type of joint By friction - vibration

q Joint efficiency Approx. 75-80% of the breaking load of the strap (mentioned quality). Speeds and strength

q Strap. Tension 1000N - 1200N (adjustable depending the material)

q Strap feed & Take –up speed Approx. 1,5m / second (adjustable)

q Tension speed 4 m / minute Hydraulic features

q Maximum pressure 105 bar

q Work pressure 100 bar

q Type of oil Hydraulic oil (for example: VESTA HLP – 46)

q Work temperature < 45ºC


The other machinery:

Automatic tube strapping machine

Wire coil compacting and strapping machine



    Automatic cotton strapping machine        Automatic cotton strapping machine Automatic cotton strapping machine
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