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The upender provided to lift coil material typically comes with a V-bracket mounted on one of the platforms. This cradle supports the circular cross-section material and prevents lateral rolling when in a horizontal position. For units used at the lower end, the platform serves as the offload platform. Those without a V-bracket can be used as an unloading or load platform. Trust our upenders to pr

customized coil upenders


The unit has two “wings” that are actuated simultaneously to center the coil of steel rod onto the mesh pad on the conveyor section. Check for oil in the hydraulic reservoir


The loading deck of the load platform has removable fork guides. When the UP button is releases the platform should remain stationary. When the DOWN button is pressed the platform should lower.

The upender provided to the lifting coil material is usually supplied by the factory, and a V-bracket is mounted on one of the platforms. The purpose of the V-shaped cradle is to prevent lateral rolling when the circular cross-section material is in the horizontal position of the core. If the unit is being used at the lower end, the platform will be the offload platform.
Units without a V-bracket can be used as an unloading platform or load platform.

The normal sinking procedure is to use a forklift truck or overhead crane to lower the material onto the platform. On units with V-shaped brackets, ensure that the load is properly nested in the V-bracket. In most cases, this will ensure that the load is concentrated on the load platform. On the unit without the V-bracket, the visual inspection load is concentrated on the platform.

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