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The automatic coiler manufacturer provides coiling and strapping machine for hose and pipe...

Buy an automatic cable coiler from a manufacturer you can trust

For any business that produces pipes, automatic cable coilers are a must at the assembly line. Don’t go with the cheapest ones on the market, as they will put you to more severe troubles in the long run. The maintenance and repair cost just isn’t worth it. Choose a reliable manufacturer, like Fhope. Our machines are proved to work efficiently with many materials and in various environments. Count on us, and we will help your engineers integrate cable coilers into your assembly line for the impeccable performance.

Vertical automatic coilers for all material types

No business is the same, and different production lines are tuned differently. Remember, there are no one-size-fits-all coiling machines. Our products, however, are made in a customizable way so that we can modify them according to your requirements. This makes for a great variety of environments that we can design our machines for. Thus, Fhope automatic coilers can be used for almost any assembly line. For instance, we have designed a packaging line for small diameter film. This material has a set of challenging characteristics, but we’ve managed to apply a range of packaging and processing methods to reach the desired goal. Our engineers are here to provide your business with a customized option as well.

Easy-to-handle horizontal automatic coilers

Despite what kind of coiler you need, you will get the best configuration of it at Fhope. Our products are designed to be easy-to-handle, so the effectiveness of use goes up, and the risk of manufacturing accidents goes down. The same goes for the labor cost. With our horizontal or vertical machines, you will be able to lower your expenses by paying less for labor. Are there any questions left unanswered? Please contact us right now, and our engineers will provide you with answers as soon as possible.
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