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Description : 
Automatic coiler FCL-H300 is suitable for winding of nylon tube, PU pipe, PE pipe and other material pipe.It automatically rewinds the air tube from the reel and connects it to the extruder for online coils.After winding the coil, the coil will automatically move to the next station, which will be used for binding, contracting, piling, and so on...This design is suitable for automatic coiler of PU tube, nylon tube, windpipe coil, winding machine and automatic strapping machine.

Automatic pipe coiler FCL-H300

Function :
The equipment contained in the machine can be set and operated directly by the PLC control program. This is an automated machine that can automatically calculate tube length and perform a series of operations, including tube cutting, tube coiling, strapping and so on.

Product  Specifications:
No. of packing material  LLDPE/PE/PVC/:  
Coil  ID:  100-300mm 
Coil  OD:  300-400mm 
Width:  100mm 
Weight :8-50kg
Main wrapping speed(high/low) 18-35sec/pcs 
Max speed of ring  100r/Minute 
Power supply(high/low)  380V 60Hz 3P 

(2) Automatic strapping machine
 Coiling Machine Feature:
  •  It will be designed for hose coiling in one layer
  •  It can realize automatic operation, and set the corresponding parameter program through PLC and HMI control system.
  •  There are two different salary modes, automatic and manual.
  •  It can control the tension of the pipe feeding, so as to realize the tight coiling of the pipe.
  •  The corresponding parameter program can be set in advance in the PLC control system.
  •  The machine is equipped with sensors that can automatically detect the precise position of the pipeline.
  •  The running speed can be adjusted through the inverter.
  •  Capable of continuous winding on two wheels
  •  It has an automatic displacer and a pneumatic discharge coil.
  •  When there is an error in the operation of the machine, it can automatically detect the error and send an alarm signal.
1) OD type strapping.
2) Program control for automatic strapping.
3) Automatic positioning for different coils.
4) Tension adjustable for different pipe coil.
5) Connects with coiling machine.
6) Taper roll with lifting and downing function.
7) Three places strapping.
Technical date:
Strap width         10mm
Strap thickness         0,8 mm         
Type of strap         Polyester
Strap quality            Smooth /High quality polyester strap
Type of joint            By friction - vibration         
Joint location          The strapping is performed in the front part of the wire coil.
Joint efficiency          Approx. 75-80% of the breaking load of the strap (mentioned quality).



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