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Automatic hose coiling machine & pipe coiler banding machine

Automatic coiler FCL-V600 is system belongs to vertical type automatic hose winding.It is an automatic line that can automatically complete a series of complete steps, from fixing the length, and then winding, cutting, strapping, winding, to the end step of the line. It takes very little space, but it can efficiently and quickly complete the tasks of automatic winding and packaging, which fully meets the high standard of packaging.
Automatic hose coiling machine FCL-V600
Automatically  hose coiling  machine is used to calculate of tube length, coil making and cutting.Then hold the loop and move it automatically to the next station.The figure can be set in PLC control program. The machine belt and connect terminal are automatically adjusted by safe welding.When the strap is inserted, the motor shuts off automatically.

Product  specifications:

Machine No. FCL-V600B FCL-V600B FCL-V600C
coil size OD: Φ400-600mm
Height: 40-120mm
ID: Φ200-400mm
OD: Φ400-600mm
Height: 40-200mm
ID: Φ250-400mm
OD: Φ400-600mm
Height: 100-300mm
ID: Φ250-400mm
Tube size OD:2-16mm OD:8-20mm OD:15-30mm
Air supply 6 bar 6 bar 6 bar
Meter counter 50-50 20-100 20-100
Coil feed style mode Automatic Automatic Automatic
Note: The machine can be modified per different coil size.

1. PLC control program.
2. The setting parameters can be used in the control program.
3. The OD of coiling is adjustable.
4. The cutting length of the tube can be adjusted.
5.Two protection devices are used to fix and move the helix.
6.Automatically detect wrong function and alarm when failure occurs.
7.Positioning pipe through sensor.
8.The compression device keeps the tube stable.


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