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Automatic pipe coiling and strapping machienf for PU,NYLON air pipe

FCL-200 automatic pipe coiling machine is a specialized handling equipment that is used for the packaging of offline pipes. It is designed to be highly efficient and can greatly reduce the need for manual labor compared to traditional coiling and packaging processes. Some key features and benefits of the FCL-200 automatic pipe coiling machine may include...

Automatic pipe winding machine FCL-H600


Automatic Coiler machine FCL-200 is used for the packaging of off-line pipe.It can calculate tube length, automatic cutting, coil making, PP binding and automatic shrink film packaging.All of these comply with CE criterion and use the latest technology and design standards for industrial use.

This automatic Coiler machine can automatically perform operations such as pipe cutting, pipe coiling, and fixed pipe ring energy by calculating the length of the pipe. These automated processes can all be set in advance in the PLC control program.

Product  Specifications:
No. of packing material  LLDPE/PE/PVC/:  
Coil  ID:  100-300mm 
Coil  OD:  300-400mm 
Width:  200mm 
Weight :20-80kg
Main wrapping speed(high/low) 18-35sec/pcs 
Max speed of ring  100r/Minute 
Power supply(high/low)  380V 60Hz 3P

Product Features:

1. The automatic operation of machinery and equipment can be operated by the PLC control program.
2. For the operation of the control program, it is necessary to set various parameters in advance.
3. The winding outer diameter of the machine is adjustable.
4. The cutting length of the pipe can also be adjusted.
5. The machine has two protection devices to fix and move the screw.
6. Don't worry about machine failure, we have automatic failure detection function. Once an abnormality occurs, an alarm will be issued immediately.
7. The machine has a special sensor that can accurately locate the pipeline.
8. The compression device equipped with the machine can keep the pipe in a stable state during the operation of the machine.

(2) Automatic wrapping machine
  • power :AC380V,3-phase,50HZ, or provided by customer
  • operation direction: inlet wire from left, or provided by customer
  • wire reel size:outside diameter:200-600mm; inside diameter:180mm-250mm;height:40-140mm
  • wire reel weight:max.100kg
  • PVC/PE/PP film size:thickness:25 microm, width50-70mm
  • way of loading plastic film:pneumatic loading
  • electric loop control :adopt Mitsubishi micro-computer programme controller(PLC)
  • operation panel:Graphic operator Interface
  • meter and switch on operation panel:touch screen, speed button, emergent switch
  • with automatic label device



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