pipe winding machine and pipe coiling machine

pipe winding machine and pipe coiling machine

Fhope Automatic Coiler Dept. is a company that specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing of automatic pipe and hose coiling systems. Their machines are designed to wind and strap a wide range of plastic pipes, hoses, conduits, and tubes. The use of their fully automated coiling systems enables their clients to reduce labor costs and increase extrusion speeds, while also simplifying the job of coiling and handling.

Their automatic coiling machines are specifically designed to replace manual or semi-automatic coiling processes. This ensures that their clients can achieve consistent and precise coiling results. Fhope also offers a range of different solutions to the wide range of coiling machines for winding and coiling free standing coils. They also produce automatic packing lines for coiling small diameter with film. These coiler & machines have different range features in common with their automatic pipe coiling and strapping machine. In some cases, these machines can be designed for special packing and handling purposes with the ability to changeover the spooling, coil configurations, and packing materials.

Fhope’s automatic coiling machines are designed to be versatile and customizable to meet the specific needs of their clients. They are ideal for companies that need to produce large quantities of coiled and strapped pipes or hoses on a regular basis. With their expertise in automatic coiling and strapping systems, Fhope can help their clients improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs, while ensuring that the coiled and strapped products are of high quality and well-protected during transportation and storage.



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