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Cable Winding and binding machie | For Cable | Wire

The machine can automatically complete the winding, arranging, binding, conveying, picking up, putting into the box and so on. You can choose to bundle one or two ends, which is four to five times faster than manual operation. It replaces the heavy labor, avoids injuries to the fingers, and saves a lot of labor and packaging costs for the manufacturer. Machine uses the most advanced technology, selects the most advanced materials and the most precise manufacturing processes, and winds up and bundles various wires, such as AC cables, DC cables, data cables, video cables, etc. 

1. Select the touch screen display and PLC control program.
2. Arbitrarily set the speed, number of turns, length of tie and number of twists according to the customer's needs.
3. The number of cartons can be set. When the set number is reached, the machine will stop running automatically.
4. In case of minor failure, the machine will automatically prompt for manual or automatic switching.

Technical Data: 
cable length 400mm-1500mm (customized soltuion available)
Cable OD 1.5mm-10.0mm
Head  0-100mm (adjustable)
End 0~300mm(adjustable)
Wire spacing size(after binding) 60-180 mm (adjustable)
Production Speed AC 1800/H,DC 1900/H
Power consumption 2.5KW
Air pressure 6 bar
Voltage            220 VCA ,12A 50/60HZ
Control PLC&HMI
Option Part Reel pay off machine



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