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HDPE pipe coiler and Automatic PE pipe coiler

Our automatic coiling strapping machine features two automatic winder heads and a strapping machine, providing businesses with a reliable and efficient solution for their coiling and strapping needs. Please note that this machine is for reference only, and will be modified based on the specific requirements of your business. Trust us to provide you with high-quality and innovative packaging soluti

Automatic Coiling Machine FCL-V1200


Automatic Coiler & Strapping Machine for PERT & HDPE pipe 

(For reference only, the HDPE pipe coiler and strapping machine will modified base on this type machine)

Coiling Machine Feature:
  •  PLC and HMI control system for automatic operation.
  •  Two working modes: Auto and manual.
  •  Tension control for pipe infeeding for tight coiling.
  •  Parameters can be set on PLC program.  
  •  Calculate pipe length and cut the pipe automatically.
  •  Automatically winding system.
  •  Automatic alarm system when fault occurs.
  •  Detect pipe position automatically by sensor.
  •  Speed is adjustable by inverter.
  •  Two wheels for continuous winding.   
  •  Adopt automatic displacer.
  •  Coiling a pipe roll orderly and nicely.  
  •  Pneumatically discharge the pipe coil.
  • Strapping Machine Feature:
  •  Strap the hose coil automatically.
  •  Automatic alarm system when fault occurs.
  •  Good tension control for protect the pipe surface.
  •  Detect strapping position automatically by sensor.
  •  Speed is adjustable by inverter.
  •  Automatic strap the coil by3/ 4 positions.
  •  Easy and safe operation for the operator.
  •  Successful rate upto95%.

Pipe OD 20-60mm
Coil head 1or 2
Coil ID 400-1000mm
Coil OD(Max) 1200mm
Coil Width(Max) 350mm

Fhopepack automatic coiler department provides the customized HDPE pipe coil, PERT pipe coiler and strapping system per diferent specification.



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