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Automatic coiler is designed for coiling and strapping HDPE, PERT, and PEX pipes online, providing businesses with a high-speed and efficient solution for their coiling needs. Developed for use with extruding machines, this coiler offers streamlined and reliable performance during operation. Trust us to provide you with high-quality and innovative packaging solutions for your business needs, helpi

Automatic coiler FCL-Y800


Automatic coiler for HDPE,PERT,PEX winding and straping

Machine name:HDPE Pipe Automatic Coiler
Diameter:20-32mm(Customization of other specifications)
Application:HDPE, PERT, PEX, PE pipe coiling&strapping
Operational environment:
  3.Height above sea level:0-3000m
  4.Power Supply:AC 220V(+10%,-10%)  50Hz  TNS ground connection  
  5.Total Power:less than 3kW
  6.Air supply:  0.5MPa
  7.Air consumption:Less than 1.0 m3 / h
Equipment description
  1.Machine size:4500mm*2200mm*2100mm
  2.Colour:Light blue (other colors can be customized)
  3.Control:HMI+PLC+SERVO MOTOR+Encoder+Solenoid valve+Air cylinder
  4.Installation:Provide turnkey coiling and strapping project.
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