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Automataic coiling machine for pipe coil

Vertical automatic coiling machine designed by Fhope professional engineering team.It's suitable for all kinds of plastic hose coil.

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Automatic Coiling Machine FCL-V1000

(For reference only, the machine will modified base on this type coiler machine)

Coiling Machine Feature:
  • PLC and HMI control system for automatic operation.
  • Two working modes: Auto and manual.
  • Tension control for pipe infeeding for tight coiling.
  • Parameters can be set on PLC program.  
  • Calculate pipe length and cut the pipe automatically.
  • Automatically winding system.
  • Automatic alarm system when fault occurs.
  • Detect pipe position automatically by sensor.
  • Speed is adjustable by inverter.
  • Two wheels for continuous winding.   
  • Adopt automatic displacer.
  • Coiling a pipe roll orderly and nicely.  
  • Pneumatically discharge the pipe coil.

Strapping Machine Feature:
  • Strap the HDPE pipe coil automatically.
  • Automatic alarm system when fault occurs.
  • Good tension control for protect the pipe surface.
  • Detect strapping position automatically by sensor.
  • Speed is adjustable by inverter.
  • Automatic strap the coil by3/ 4 positions.
  • Easy and safe operation for the operator.
  • Successful rate upto95%.

Pipe OD 15-45mm
Coil head 1or 2
Coil ID 400-1000mm
Coil OD(Max) 1000mm
Coil Width(Max) 350mm


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