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Automaitc cable winding packing line

The autoamtic cable winding and re-winding machine with packing equipement for autoamtic handling the cable coils.

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Auto cable winding&shrinking&stacking packing line

Full-auto cable packaging line with coiling&shrinking&stacking together. The whole packaging process automatically be completed without any manual intervention.All conform to CE guidelines, with the latest technology and design criteria for industrial use.
 Automatic cable winding | Strapping | Stacking Machine
With fully automatic cable coiling systems,can be used for wide range of sizes, or cable rack systems for a larger number of reels with integral, pneumatic cable reservoir. For automatic calculating the cable length, coil making and cutting off. Manipulator auto grabs the finished coil, then synchronize with bagging and sealing station, after thermal shrinkage for palletizer coil stacking.
Technical Data:
Coiling / winding size ID: 145mm/220mm
OD: 195-380mm
Height: 80-120mm  
Single cable diameter 2-6mm        
Air supply 6bar
Coil feed style mode Hold coil type
Meter counter 0.01m-200m
Power voltage AC 380V, 50HZ, 3 phase
With PLC & HMI control program, easier to operate the machine.By using the servo motor arranging-cable system,the arranging has a more coordinated action,and the cord is more beautiful. Parameters can be set on the control program with English. No need to adjust entire machine structure, easier to operate.
 Auto clamp and lift up the finished coils for heat shrinking packing through the hot oven channel. Cable coil handling auto loading and unloading coils conveying to stacking pallet, and auto arrange orderliness.The coils numbers each row of each column can be setting by HMI.



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