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Fully Automatic coiler and widner for pipe

Fully automatic coiler is designed for high output and is suitable for winding plastic pipes and hoses, including HDPE pipe and corrugated hose. At Fhope, we provide low-cost, fully automatic equipment for coiling and winding the product, streamlining the production process and increasing productivity. With its advanced features and efficient operation, our fully automatic coiler is an ideal choic

Fully Automatic coiler FCL-H1000


This automatic type coiler is designed to wind pipe into strapped coils. A dancer assures smooth and reliable transfers. The pipe coils are unloaded safely from the front side of the machine at a convenient height for the operator. The unloading door is opened while protecting the operator from the winding side of the machine. Automatically coil ejection onto a trolley or reception table available.
Versions of the coiler include either a built-in cutter or without when an external cutter or saw is employed.




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