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Stretch Hood Film

Stretch Hood Film

Stretch Hood Film
We are providing sample for your stretch hood machine testing. Let me know your following information, our team will providing different formulas per your packaging goal:
1. What is your stretch hood machine brand?
2. What is the machine series No.?
3. What is the climate of your factory?
4. What is the Pallet size?
5. What is the stretch hood packing speed?
The comparison of different packing material
The comparison of different packing material
Packing method Stretch hood Shrinking Stretch film
Packaging strength ★★★★★ ★★★ ★★★
Energy consummation ★★★★★ ★★★
Material Reloading Fewest Few Many
Packing side 5 side 6 side 4-5side
Optical features Excellent Poor Good
Manual packaging No Yes Yes
Automation Yes Yes Yes
Water proof Yes Yes No
Packaging speed ~200 pcs/hr ~100 pcs/hr ~100 pcs/hr
Safety High Medium High
Recyclability of the packaging material Excellent Good Good
Investment costs High High Low
Printing Excellent Excellent Poor
Pallets of different sizes Suitable Unsuitable Suitable

Stretch Hood is a new blown technical --3 layers coextruded film. It makes the hooding operation with excellent stretch properties in seal.
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