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The automatic ring stretch wrapping machine is designed according to the requirements of the high speed tray packing. This machine can wrap a package of good and powerful pallets for stretching and packing. The automatic winding packer B200 series is used for winding the tray with a winding film. It can meet the highest requirements for capacity and adaptability.

Rotary ring stretch wrapper


The automatic rotary ring wrapping machine is designed according to the increase of the pallet packaging requirements. The machine allows operators to stretch and pack various products with the rotating film roll, and various packaging pallets. The five - face sealed package is integrated with the machine protection tray with a waterproof top piece machine. It is an effective way of packing, which provides excellent protection for pallet transportation. This machine is programmable with PLC and man-machine interface. The packing layer can be used as an upper and lower ring package. This is an online packaging machine that can be installed on any existing production or packaging lines. The revolving ring stretches fully meet the needs of high speed packaging. This machine is equipped with top dispensing machine, sensor, power pre stretching device, automatic clipping and cutting device, border safety protection device, control box, PLC and human-machine interface. The speed of the ring and roller can be adjusted to adapt to the material with different thickness.

Maximum pallet dimension: 1200x1200x2000mm

Power supply:380v,50Hz


Air consumption:140Nl/min


The superior part of the pallet requires to be protecting by covered film.  The top sheet dispenser is with a robotic arm which holds the spool of packing material and covering the film.  It is automatic positioning for the pallet position and automatic film cutting. 




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