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Automatic pallet stretch wrapping machine

B300 is a highly efficient and automated tool for packaging goods on pallets. The added film covering function allows it to provide an extra layer of protection to the top of the goods being wrapped, which can be especially useful for fragile or sensitive items. The automatic conveying system can help to streamline the packaging process and increase productivity by allowing the machine to handle m

Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine B300



Automatic pallet wrapping machine B300 is a machine used for automatically pallet packing, such as plastic container, cases, cartons, bags, etc. The special added film covering function enables the machine to cover the goods with a piece of PE film or plastic foam on the top before wrapping, this makes the package become much more protective than it has ever be. Automatic conveying system increases the efficiency. Upgraded motorized pre-stretch system that allows a large saving of film while wrapping. The whole process will be controlled by central system, no need for manual assistances.

Technological process  
The pallet will be placed on the infeed conveyor by forklift. Then motorized conveyor will transfer the pallet to its packing position, film covering mechanism covers the film or foam while the conveyor moving forward. And then auto turntable pallet packing machine starts to wrap the strapped pallet with stretch film (LLDPE) automatically. Finally the pallet will moved out the outfeed conveyor by forklift. One packaging process is fully done.
Note: Infeeding&out feeding conveyor is option.

  • Working mode: Automatic
  • Loads per hour: Min. 24
  • Maximum load weight: 1800kg
  • Wrapping method: Bottom, middle and top wrapping layer can be set from 0-99 winds
  • Construction: Heavy duty, welded
  • Controller: PLC system
  • Tension control: Pre-stretch controller
  • Operator interface: Separate buttons and HMI interface  
  • Wrap settings: Re-wrap function, overwrap and overlap adjustment
  • Wrap counters: Independent top and bottom
  • Cycle counters: Total cycle counter and resettable Counter
  • Emergency stop: Red mushroom head
  • Electrical disconnect: Lockable
  • Electrical enclosure: European approved
  • Film (LLDPE): Thickness 0.025mm, length 500m-1500m, weight: 15kg
  • Film capacity: 500mm width x 76mm dia.
  • Film delivery type: Pre-stretch
  • Pre-stretch level: 250% (optional 100% to 300%)
  • Load height sensor: Photocell sensor
  • Tension control: Variable by inverter
  • Film carriage system up and down: Adjustable by inverter
  • Film threading: Jinglin design, W film threading pattern
  • Film carriage speed: 2.9m/min
  • Pneumatic film cutting & wiping system 
  • Film clamper mode: scissors like gripper bars
  • Automatic material clamping is ready for next wrapping.
  • Cutting method: instant heating wire
  • Sensor and PLC program control.
  • This device makes machine automatically and
  • unmanned operation.
  •  Wiping system: soft brush to stick the film perfectly onto the pallets 
  • Drive mode: Chain-drive
  • Bearing type: Ring gear
  • Start & stop mode: Soft start & stop
  • Turntable diameter: 2200mm              
  • Maximum load weight: 2000kg
  • Turntable height: app.400mm
  • Turntable rotating speed: Max.12rpm (adjustable)
  • Automatic turntable reset
  • Voltage: AC380 V, 3Phase, 50 Hz
  • Turntable motor power: app. 0.75kw
  • Roller power: app. 0.75kw
  • Up-down motor power: app. 0.37kw
  • Pre-stretch motor power: app. 0.37kw
  • Air supply: 6-8kgf/cm2
  • Air consumption: app. 1000ml/min

Forklift will move away the wrapped pallet out of the conveyor

The film covering mechanism is a specially designed device, it can greatly improve the quality of the package; For certain industries like beverage and frozen food, canned or bagged products can be better preserved by the fully wrapped package. So, merchants usually can make a better sale because of the cleaniness of the appearance.



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