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This machine, as all Fhope wrappers, modular and versatile in design, allows for numerous innovative options to help solve specific stretch packaging challenges. The pneumatic pallet lifter in the service conveyor to wrap fast completely the wooden pallet; the scissor electro-mechanic top press plate for stabilizing the product on the pallet, specially with unstable loads, during the wrapping oper

Rotary arm stretch wrapping machine RAS200



The rotary arm wrapping machines  is used to wrap stretch film around a loaded pallet. Film provides extra support while the products are being transported and storaged. The machine is reliable and good partner. It can run in a tough condition and take hard wrapping for long hours. Additionally , wrapped loads is easy, convenient and safe. Food industry, chemical industiry and steel industry are available.

  • PLC and touch screen
  •  Feed and cut flim automatically.
  •  Measure packing height automatically by sensor. 
  •  Layer amd wrapped zone of the load can be set.
  • Identify the load by sensor.
  • You can set intensive flim wrapping layer.
  • Film Tension can be adjusted.
  • The turntable speed is availble in 3-12rpm.
  • Film carriage moves up and down speed 
  • Cycle break capability
  • Single start, reset and emergency stop buttons
  • Turntable jog button
  • Wrapping position can be reset.
  • Speed of conveyor is adjustable.
  • Align turntable position.
  • Soft start and soft stop
  • Prestretch ratio can be specially made according to your requirements.
  • The power of pre-stretch system can be up to 200% to min film consumption.
  • Film carriage is driven by separate DC Motor.
  • The carriage door opens and closes easily and flexible
  • The turntable with double-chain makes move quietly and safely.
Control Mode Automatic
Max load size(mm) 1200 (L)×1200(W) ×2000(H)
Turntable diameter 1500mm
Max load weight(Kg) 2000
Power supply 220V 50HZ 1Phase
Power (KW) 3.0
Machine weight(Kg) 1500
Turn table speed(rpm) 3-12rpm
Tension control Pre-stretch/Mechanical
Height control Sensor
Air supply 4-6kgf/cm2
Packing speed 40-50 loads/h base on load

FHOPE-RAS200 is available also with integrated top sheet dispenser TS for dust/water proof covering of palletized loads. The top sheet cover device integrated onto the machine allows automatic positioning of the polyethylene sheet over the load during the wrapping cycle. The film amount to laying down on the load can be set for each wrapping program optimizing film consumption.



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