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Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine with scale

Fhope-A500 pallet wrapping machine is a useful tool for businesses that need to wrap and weigh pallets of goods for shipping. By combining these two functions into one machine, it can help to streamline the process and save time and resources. The built-in scale can also help to ensure that the correct amount of weight is being applied to the pallet, which can help to reduce shipping costs and mak

Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine with scale


Fhope-A500 pallet wrapping machine with scales is combined by pallet wrapping machine and scale. Designed for wrapping and weighing the loads at the same time. Users no need to use another facility for weighing the goods, the accurate data will help you reduce your shipping cost and convenient for distribution.

The scale is understand the turntable, which provides more accurate data than the normal built in type. Digital display mounted on the mast and  indicate the load weight with excellent visual perception.

High quality scale, measure the load quickly and accurately.

machines are assembled and tested before shipping, main parts are remained intact inside package, easy installation for users.

- Packing and weighing goods at the same time on one machine
- Save much more space by intergating  two facilities into one.
- Improve the efficiency in the warehouse.
- Less cost for electricity consumption and machine maintenance.



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