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Semiauto Rotate arm Pallet stretch wrapper for sale

Fhope’s rotary arm stretch machine is a floor mounted stretch wrapper. It IS designed for low volume users in lines of businesses. It can wrap irregular shaped loads and use pallet truck to load stretch wrapper. Operator starts wrapping cycle at machine and manually cuts/attach the film. Levels of automation based on long experience, extension possibilities and a large number of settings give thi

Semiauto Rotary Arm Pallet Wrapping Machine R300



The semi-automatic rotary arm stretch wrapper is much more durable because you can fix it on the first floor. The load is kept unchanged when the film conveyer system is rotated around the pallet, when the film is moved up and down to distribute the film. This is very useful for light loads and unstable loads that may fall off when the pallet is rotated. This is very useful for the weight of the weight more than 5000pounds. Although the turntable can also be on the 5000pounds pallet, it is best to use the stretching package of the rotating arm when you surpass it. In addition, the rotary arm package is more permanent, because you can anchor it on the ground.
Each has its own advantages, and each has its disadvantages. It is obvious that the rotary arm stretch wrapper takes more space on the floor because of the rotation of the packaging arm and the support frame. It needs a larger space to clear the space around the arm. If you have enough space and light load packaging, and have a certain budget, the semi-automatic rotation of the arm is for you to customize. So ask our Fhope to represent contact to help you with your real needs and requirements.

  • Film releasing speed: 2.9m/min
  • Chain driven carriage
  • Pallet load height: 1500mm
  • Rotating diameter: 2000mm
  • Film roll specification: ID: 76mm, Width: 500mm, OD: 230mm, Weight: 15KG/roll
  • Packing efficiency: 20-50pallets/hr, dependent on pallet height, wrapping program, efficiency of *loading and uploading.
  • Power voltage: 220/380V, 1/3phase, 50/60HZ
  • Rated power: App. 1KW
  • Machine weight: 1000kg
  • Machine color: Blue /Yellow (customized)

The Fhope pallet stretch wrapper can be designed in various types, including turntable, rotary arm and track. Our tensile packaging, weighing, and labels can be combined into a device.  A digital indicator of a turntable is for a comprehensive scale and a drawing machine.
Fhope standard type stretch packaging warehouse scheduling professional custom operation requirements for free design.
We will take our professional team, more than 10000 of the debugging experience, to create pallet stretch packaging equipment as your specifications and packaging needs.



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