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Automatic robotic pallet wrapper features automatic pallet checking, automatic height detection, and a PLC control system for efficient and reliable performance. With data input on the HMI and changeable parameter reset, this mobile stretch wrapper is capable of wrapping pallets 360 degrees like a robot, providing businesses with a cost-effective and efficient solution for their packaging needs. I

Mobile Pallet Stretch Wrapper | Robotic wrapping


Automatic PLC control system for machine automation.
    Machine rotating speed adjustable through frequency inverter (from 1,8 km/h to 4,4 km/h)
    Film carriage speed adjustable through frequency inverter ( rise and fall speed can be set separately)
    Max wrapping height up to 2400mm
    Unlimited wrapping size for the pallets
    Electrical photocell for detecting the height of goods
    Safety stop reserved at the base of the machine
    Easy operation on touch screen
    Parameters input on the HMI
    Main factors are adjustable on the HMI, this includes cycle selection, wrap times for bottom and top, rotation speed, carriage speed for rise and fall motion, film tension, delay of photocell, height for starting and reinforced wrapping
    Different ways of operation: manual, semi-automatic, fixed position wrapping
    Wrapping direction: up/down, top sheet, up or down only
    Automatic wraning at the beginning and stop for each cycle
    Automatic indication when battery is low on HMI, monitor for battery charge
    Autodiagnostic for trouble shooting
    Battery charger efficiency > 85%, process controlled by microprocessor. Auto reset followed by a new battery replacement. Protection against polarity inversion or short circuits, compensation of voltage drop
    Manual brake for film stretching
    Height adjustment by the touching wheel
    Powder coating for finishing
    1 years warranty for the whole machine



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