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The conveyor moves the pallet below the rotary arm. The device for applying top cover moves downward to the level of pallet, unreels and cuts the top cover material. The film is applied and the device returns to its initial position. The stabilizer plate descends until it is in contact with the load. The fastening of the film is automatically carried out by an arm. The rotary arm starts to apply the plastic film around the pallet. The reel-holder carriage moves regularly upwards so that the pallet is spirally wrapped.Automatic Rotary Arm stretch wrapper RAS100

The automatic rotary arm pallet wrapping machine is controlled by PLC system, including main engine, rotate arm, film carriage, conveyor, guard rails and control panel.The rotate arm can work around the loads by working operation, easy to load and unload. When the load is put on the conveyor, it will be moved automatically to the wrapping station, and then the arm begins to rotary automatically. After wrapping, the load is moving to the next station. 

Working mode: automatic  
Loads per hour: 10-30pallets
Rotation speed: 10-14 rpm speed variable through inverter.
Maximum load size: OD:1400MM x Width: 1400mm
Film (LLDPE): Thickness 0.25mm, width 500mm, weight 15kg
Wrapping method: Bottom, middle and top wrapping layer can be set from 0-99 winds 

Film capacity: 500mm width x 76mm dia.
Force -control: Variable by separate motor
Multiple protection device can ensure the operator safety.
(such as the white loop in the picture is anti-collision protective device.)  

Pneumatic film cut and wipe system
Film clamper mode: scissors like gripper bars
Automatic material clamping for next wrapping.
Cutting method: instant heating wire
Sensor and PLC program control.
This device makes machine automatic and unmanned operation.
Wiping system: soft brush to stick the film perfectly onto the pallets 

Controller: PLC
Operator interface: Independent buttons
Load height sensor: Photo eye
Wrap settings: Re-wrap function, overwrap and overlap adjustments
Wrap counters: Independent top and bottom
Cycle counters: Total cycle counter and resettable counter
Emergency stop: Red mushroom head
Electrical disconnect: Lockable
Electrical enclosure: European approved
Can set special wrapping position (top, middle, and bottom) reinforcement
Turntable position reset automatically
Variable turntable speed controlled by frequency converter. 

Max.Loading 4T
Length (in-feeding & out-feeding):1.5m
Heavy Structural steel Frame construction.
All rollers driven.
Different roller diameters and roller spacing available for different applications.
Conveyor Speed: app.12m/min (ajustable)
Photo-eye for pallet sensing and sequencing 

Voltage: 420 AC, 3 phase 5 wires, 60 Hz. (adjustable)
Pneumatic: 6-8kgf/cm² (clean, dry air)

Strong structure and ling lift rotate arm designing.
Start & stop mode: Soft start & stop
Machine weight: app.1500 kg
Machine size: app.12cbm
Construction: Heavy duty, welded
Color: Blue/Green
Film carriage speed: 2.9m/min
Conveyor motor power: 0.40kw

On the upper part of the pallet the edges of the top cover are integrated into the wrapping. Depending on the selected program the wrapping may be continued during the downward movement of the reel-holder carriage. The sealing arm seals the extremity of the film on the pallet wrapping and cuts it. The stabilizer plate is lifted and the pallet removed.


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Orbital stretch wrapping machine