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Mobile pallet turner


Mobile pallet turner

The Fhope mobile pallet inverter is a convenient and practical equipment for warehouse handling. Esay to move and tilt pallets. Hydralic cylinder powers the machine to handle heavy loads. Manual roatation and pallet change, helps the workers improve their work efficiency. Reinforced structure and high quality parts make this machine durable and functional. If you are in paper printing or pharmaceutical industry, it's the best warehousing solution for you.

Premium materials and components with lasting reliability has been adopted to this model. Exceptional maneuverability offered by these units are helpful with your little confined work spaces. This is also a versitial pallet changing equipment, you could use it as a power pallet truck as well as a pallet inverter.

At FhopePack, we are dedicated on details of things. We offer comprehensive MOBILE PALLET CHANGER solutions for workers and users from many areas. We hope by our effort, both the injury cases and productivity can be optimised. We take the quality seriously, all the machines we produced and passed through demanding examination and achieved from high quality standards.

Technical Data:

Max.Loading     1000Kg

Fork width          150(mm)

Forks distance      560(mm)

Fork length         880(mm)

Max.Fork distance       1200(mm)

Moving speed          4.5/6.0km/H

Hydraulic station      DC24V/2KW

Driving(kw)       DC24V/1.2KW

Weight           750kg

Battery            12x2V/280A

Power changer         24/40A


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